Where Are Eirik Jensen’s Mom and Sister Now?

With ‘Mr. Good: Cop or Crook?’ exploring the tale of Norway’s most trusted police officer turned convicted drug smuggler Eirik Jensen, every aspect of his case is now in the international limelight. These include not just the details of his 2014 arrest and his complex association with informant/drug lord Gjermund Chapelin but also his vehement claims of innocence and his behavioral pattern. The fact that even his loved ones feature in this Netflix original plays a crucial role in all this, so if you wish to learn more about his mother as well as his sister, in particular, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Eva and Nina Jensen?

While Eirik was born to Eva Jensen in July 1957, he has a younger sister named Nina Jensen as well — both of whom have made their unwavering support for him evident at every step of the way. The duo honestly never expected him to join the police force, considering his childhood shenanigans, yet once he began his career within, they understood he’d found his true calling. “My impression is that he had a bit of ADHD,” Nina candidly said in the documentary series, to which Eva added, “Yeah, you had to pay attention to him. You were never sure what he… what the day could bring.”

Eva and Nina also admitted that Eirik put his work before his family for years — something he has grown to regret — but neither has ever blamed him because they know he enjoyed every moment. His sister insisted, “He was the right man in the right place, at least in my opinion,” whereas his loving mother had already claimed, “No matter what he encountered, I think he was always aware of what was right and what was wrong. He may have been borderline, but he was on the right side. He was.” They thus couldn’t believe it when Eirik was convicted not once but twice.

Where Are Eva and Nina Jensen Now?

Nina still remembers how her brother had called her following the initial guilty verdict back in 2017, revealing, “he cried and was completely beside himself. Oh my God, that conversation was horrible.” However, both she and their mother were more worried about his overall mental well-being “because he has been really down before. [We thought] he could choose to take his own life,” as per the Netflix four-parter. Thankfully, though, Eirik did the opposite and fought back for his life by filing an appeal, yet to no avail — after a years-long battle, his heavy 21-year sentence remained.

“I hope I live to see Eirik acquitted,” his late-80-year-old mother said. “[I’ll] give him a big hug.” In other words, from what we can tell, despite choosing to stay well away from the spotlight for personal privacy, Eva and Nina continue to stand by Eirik’s side to the best of their capacity. We do believe the duo resides close to one another in Norway, but precisely where or what they’re up to these days, especially Nina, is unclear at the moment.

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