Where Are Felicia and Paul Ellis From Aftershock Now?

As a documentary that shines a light upon how a disproportionate number of Black women in the national maternal healthcare system are frequently being failed, Hulu’s ‘Aftershock’ is simply powerful. That’s because it explores every aspect contributing to the same, whether structural racism, historical medical beliefs, different kinds of birthing practices, or surgical-technological advancements. Amongst those sharing their story here are couple Felicia and Paul Ellis, who thankfully had a positive experience in welcoming their child into this world — so let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Who Are Felicia and Paul Ellis?

Felicia and Paul Ellis were undoubtedly incredibly excited to start a family of their own after spending years establishing a good foundation in their personal as well as professional lives. That is, until it got marred by worry once they learned their base of Oklahoma has one of the worst maternal mortality rates in the US — 23.5 deaths per 100,000 births, according to the CDC. “I didn’t know…,” Felicia said. “I called my mom crying one morning because the statistics of being Black and having a baby in America like hit me. Really, I hadn’t thought about it until Serena Williams talked about her birth experience.”

Felicia continued, “She’s like the best athlete in the world, and she had to make them listen to her… then when I started dealing with it myself, I was like this is a big deal. A Black woman having a baby [in the hospital] is like a Black man at a traffic stop with the police. You have to really pay attention to what’s going on every step of the way.” The fact she noticed the big medical institutions were rather impersonal thus didn’t sit well with her (or Paul) either, driving her to look at other possible alternatives for her own comfort.

That’s when the married couple came across a doula as well as Breathe Birth & Wellness in Broken Arrow, which they found perfect since Felicia already knew the birthing route she wanted to go down. It was the importance given to natural vaginal delivery and the intimate one-on-one conversations, along with the relatively reasonable cost, that ultimately pulled her and Paul into choosing the healthcare center. Therefore, their daughter, Lily Ellis, was born without complications or issues around early summer 2021.

Where Are Felicia and Paul Ellis Now?

From the moment Felicia and Paul Ellis got to take their baby girl home, it appears as if they’ve been enjoying being not just devoted new parents but also proud advocates for maternal mortality. The Southern natives are further unconditionally committed to their entrepreneurial ventures, especially as it’s their passion as well as their bread and butter in every sense of the term. While it’s unclear precisely what Paul does at the moment, we do know Felicia is an “ethically creative and socially responsible” digital developer.

We should mention that the safety-driven Technology Strategist is even quite active on social media, through which she ostensibly helps others expand their overall careers as well. Hence, Felicia — a successful wife, mother, and businesswoman — is proof of the fact woman can do anything and everything they set their minds to despite the obstacles placed in their way.

“Dear Lily, I never imagined that I would be attending my first SXSW with you as my Co-Founder,”  Felicia penned on her Facebook page in March 2022. “All of my manifesting got bundled together. I can not wait until all the pieces come together and you finally understand what I went through and why I did what I did. Still we rise. With all my love, Mommy.” She even added hashtags like #unarmedtruth, #StartUp, #BlackWombsMatter, #WomenInTech, #alifeworthdocumenting, and #unconditionallove for more clarity.

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