Where Are Larry Ray’s Survivors Yalitza and Felicia Rosario Now?

Image Credit: Law&Crime Network/YouTube (Yalitza Rosario)

Peacock’s ‘Sex, Lies and the College Cult’ is a chilling documentary that details how Lawrence Ray moved into his daughter’s dorm at Sarah Lawrence University, started a sex cult, and forced some of the residents to do his bidding. Although Ray initially convinced others to join his orbit, he soon resorted to threats, torture, as well as physical and mental abuse to keep them under his control. Moreover, the people in his sex cult were brainwashed to believe they had harmed him.

Likewise, Santos Rosario, a Sarah Lawrence University student, was initially quite impressed by Ray and even introduced him to his sisters, Yalitza and Felica. However, this was a grave mistake as all three Rosario siblings were tortured and abused for years until Ray was arrested on sex trafficking and extortion charges. If you are intrigued to learn more about the horrifying ordeal and want to know where Yalitza and Felicia are at present, we have you covered.

Who Are Yalitza and Felicia Rosario?

Santos Rosario, a student at Sarah Lawrence University, first came across Lawrence Ray while dating his daughter, Talia. Surprisingly, Ray appeared to impress Santos quite a lot through their early interactions. Thus, believing him to be a positive influence, Santos introduced Ray to his sisters Felicia and Yalitza Rosario. Interestingly, at that time, Yalitza was a student at Columbia University and of a similar age to Ray’s other victims, while Felicia was an alumnus of Harvard University and Columbia medical school.

From Left to Right: Yalitza Rosario, Felicia Rosario and Santos Rosario// Image Credit: Department of Justice

Reports mentioned that shortly after being introduced to Felicia, Ray embarked on a romantic relationship with her, which soon turned highly abusive. Felicia was forced to live with Ray, his daughter, and his co-conspirator, Isabella Pollok, in a New York City apartment where she felt like a prisoner. Apart from not being allowed to go where she felt like, Ray controlled her every move and even forced her to sleep naked with him and Isabella.

Moreover, Felicia was coerced to have sex with strangers, and Ray would often ask her to extend such a disturbing proposition to men she met in public places. Saying no to Ray was also quite impossible as he would resort to physical and mental torture until Felicia was forced to give in. In 2013, Felicia was made to do free physical labor at Ray’s stepfather’s property in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and Ray would often torture Felicia’s brother in front of her to make the Harvard alumnus tow his line. Reports claim that the torture proved too much for Felicia, who even tried to die by suicide.

On the other hand, Ray and his co-conspirators made Yalitza initially believe they were the friends she always deserved but soon turned reality into a nightmare. Besides being mentally abused and made to feel low, Ray convinced Yalitza that she had destroyed his property and tried to poison him and his daughter. While these allegations were false, Yalitza believed them then and was desperate to make amends to avoid jail time. Moreover, she joined the rest of the group at Ray’s stepfather’s property in Pinehurst, North Carolina, and later mentioned that her time at Pinehurst drove her to attempt death by suicide. Eventually, in 2016, she managed to come away from Ray and broke off all contact with him.

Where Are Yalitza and Felicia Rosario Now?

Felicia Rosario// Image Credit: Law & Crime

After Ray’s arrest in 2020, Felicia and Yalitza, along with their brother, Santos, agreed to testify against their abuser in court. Their testimonies also seemed quite crucial as they took the jurors through their horrifying ordeals and helped send Ray to prison. When testifying back in March 2022, Yalitza mentioned that she was still disturbed by what Ray had done to her and the trauma kept her from being productive at work.

Nevertheless, it seems like the sisters are slowly recovering from their dark past as Felicia accepted a role as a Senior Associate at Princeton Consultants in July of 2022, while Yalitza is working as a Network Operations Center Engineer at Red Key Solutions. Moreover, while Yalitza resides in Yonkers, New York, Felicia lives in New York City and has seemingly surrounded herself with her friends and family.

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