Who Are Larry Ray’s Victims? Where Are They Now?

Peacock’s ‘Sex, Lies and the College Cult’ as well as Hulu’s ‘Stolen Youth’ chronicles how Lawrence “Larry” Ray started a sex cult from his daughter’s dorm, coerced some students into his orbit, and abused them both physically and mentally. Since Larry appeared quite impressive as an individual, he was easily able to convince younger minds to do his bidding. However, once stories of his gross conduct began leaking out, the police took note and arrested him on multiple counts of sex trafficking and extortion in February 2020. Yet, one might wonder how his victims have fared after his arrest and where they are at present. Well, fret not because we come bearing answers.

Who Are Larry Ray’s Victims?

Larry’s daughter, Talia Ray, a student at New York’s Sarah Lawrence University, was quite popular and had a lot of friends. Hence, she decided to avail housing on campus and moved into Slonim Woods 9 during her sophomore year in 2010 with her group, which consisted of her then-boyfriend Santos Rosario, Daniel Levin, Isabella Pollok, and Claudia Drury. Since Talia worshiped her father and often spoke of him, most of these people were quite familiar with his way of life. They even knew he was in prison at that time and was nearing the end of his sentence.

Claudia Drury//Image Credit: Law&Crime Network /YouTube

However, they had no idea this would ultimately spell doom for most. In 2010, Larry Ray got out of prison and decided to crash with his daughter at her dorm. He slept on a mattress in her room while also bonding with the others. In fact, he almost became a part of the group by always cooking them dinner and regaling them with fancy tales from his past. Subsequently, he started counseling Talia’s roommates and helped them deal with the issues faced by young adults on a daily basis.

Larry even exaggerated his standing with prominent personalities and spoke about deep philosophical topics, which made him appear quite impressive. Therefore, amazed by this then-positive influence in his life, Santos introduced Larry to his elder sisters, Felicia (or Feliza) and Yalitza Rosario. On the other hand, Daniel spoke to Larry about his sexuality as well as his relationship issues. Unfortunately, things soon took a turn for the worse, as it did not take long for Larry to reveal his true nature.

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Larry began grooming the dormmates and convinced them to try out some of his myriad sexual fantasies, including group sex and getting intimate with strangers. Things worsened when he shifted to an apartment in New York City and asked his daughter and her friends to come to live with him rent-free. Thus, Claudia, Felicia, Yalitza, Santos, Daniel, and Isabella began living in the small apartment along with Talia and Larry. That was when the latter truly began implementing his brainwashing techniques and convinced everyone to do his bidding.

Moreover, Larry even made them believe that they had harmed his family or possessions in one way or another. Hence, the victims felt like they had to serve him in order to make amends. Although he was dating Felicia at that time, he forced her to have sex with strangers, while Claudia was coerced into sex work. On the flip side, Yalitza, Santos, and Daniel were abused physically and verbally, all the while having to pay him for the items they allegedly ruined.

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Surprisingly, Isabella supported Larry’s actions every step of the way and essentially became his right-hand woman. In 2013, he forced his victims to work for free at his stepfather’s property in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The brutal physical work and continuing torture proved too much for some as they actually attempted suicide. Yet while some victims, including Yalitza and Daniel, managed to break free of Larry’s grasp by 2016, some were stuck with the abuser until his eventual arrest in 2020.

Where Are Larry Ray’s Victims Now?

Following Larry’s arrest, Claudia Drury agreed to testify against him and revealed her terrifying ordeal to the jury in detail. Her testimony was crucial as it helped convict her abuser of 15 charges related to extortion and sexual trafficking. Currently, Claudia works in the publishing field and resides in New York City, where she has managed to build a life for herself while slowly recovering from the dark past.

Daniel Levin//Image Credit: Daniel Levin/LinkedIn

An alumnus of Harvard University and Columbia medical school, Felicia Rosario returned to her loved ones after Larry’s arrest in 2020 and even testified at his trial. Although her past experiences still weigh heavily on her mind, she is determined to overcome the shadows. Hence, in July 2022, she took on the role of a Senior Associate at Princeton Consultants and currently resides in New York City. She’s an IT & Management Consultant, a Project Manager, and a Data Scientist.

Like her sister, Yalitza Rosario was determined to make Larry pay for his crimes. Hence, she detailed her horrifying experience at his trial and helped send him to prison in 2022. During her testimony, Yalitza mentioned that she is unable to forget the abuse as it still keeps her from becoming the best version of herself. However, she seems to be recovering gradually and currently resides in Yonkers, New York, where she works as an artist.

Santos Rosario faced the brunt of Larry’s anger — he tortured him whenever he needed Felicia to tow his line. Although Santos broke out of Larry’s grasp in 2015, he did get in contact with him over a newspaper article in 2019 and was brainwashed to rejoin the cult. However, he eventually realized his mistake and even testified in person at his abuser’s trial. Unlike his sisters, Rosario prefers privacy when it comes to his personal life, although it seems like he, too, is living in New York State.

Santos Rosario//Image Credit: Santos Rosario/Facebook

Finally, there’s Daniel Levin, who broke out of the cult in 2013 and managed to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence University. He then pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry from the University of California, Irvine, before working for the New York Department of Education. It thus comes as no surprise he wrote and published a memoir titled ‘Slonim Woods 9’ in 2021 as a way to deal with the horrific ordeal he endured. As for his current standing, it appears as if he resides in Los Angeles and is determined to make a living as a writer.

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