Where Are Lyntell Washington’s Daughter and Sister Now?

Image Credit: ABC News

In June 2016, the authorities looking for Lyntell Washington made a horrific discovery in Iberville Parish, Louisiana. The 40-year-old’s decomposing remains were all that were left after she was murdered a few days prior. ABC News’ ‘20/20: The Barefoot Witness’ delves into Lyntell’s murder and how the discovery of her unattended 3-year-old daughter spurred on an investigation. The show also talks about Lyntell’s twin sister, Cyntell, and her testimony during the trial of the killer, Robert Marks. So, if you’re curious to find out more, here’s what we know.

Who Are Lyntell Washington’s Daughter and Sister?

Lyntell and Cyntell Washington were born to Calvin and Margie Washington; The twins were Calvin and Margie’s only children. At the time of the incident, Lyntell was working as an instructional specialist at a school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It all started on June 9, 2016, when a passerby, Leslie Parms, noticed a little girl in the parking lot unattended. It was Lyntell’s daughter, and her car was found in the same parking lot.

Leslie called 911, and the authorities soon began investigating Lyntell’s disappearance. What the three-year-old told the police led them to Robert Marks, the assistant principal at the same school. The investigation revealed that Robert had an affair with Lyntell, and at the time of her disappearance, she was seven months pregnant with their child. On June 9, he was arrested for aggravated kidnapping and desertion of a child.

Lyntell’s daughter was then interviewed, and during a session with a trained expert, she revealed some unsettling information. The little girl remembered being with her mother and “Mr. Robbie” and added that she heard a bang and saw him hurt her mother. Lyntell’s daughter stated that her mother was “sleeping” and “in a lake,” and Mr. Robbie tried to clean up the blood in the car.

Where Are Lyntell Washington’s Daughter and Sister Today?

Lyntell Washington wasn’t found anywhere near a lake but in a ditch. However, her daughter’s statements were crucial in garnering a conviction against Robert in 2021. The little girl also testified at the trial, but she was only asked to identify her mother and herself in an interrogation video. Cyntell testified as well, stating that she temporarily took custody of her niece and counseled her after the murder.

When the defense questioned Cyntell about why she didn’t turn over those records, she mentioned only caring about wanting to help the little girl. Since the ordeal, the family has kept a low profile, and little is known about them. From what we can tell, Cyntell lives in Houston, Texas, and Lyntell’s daughter, now about 9-years-old, seems to live in Louisiana with her father, Darren Glasper, who is helping her deal with the trauma.

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