Where Are Melissa Mitchell and Andre Johnson Now?

Image Credit: Andre Johnson/Instagram

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty‘ showcases a fictionalized version of Magic Johnson’s personal and professional life, including the complicated backstory of his first child’s birth. In the second season premiere, Magic faces a setback in his career after he is sidelined due to a knee injury. In the meantime, Magic’s first child, a son named Andre Johnson, is born, while Magic figures out the legal situation with the child’s mother, Melissa Mitchell. Since the series is based on real events, viewers must be curious to learn what happened to Melissa Mitchell and Andre Johnson.

Melissa Mitchell Stays Away From Limelight

In ‘Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty,’ Rhonda Mitchell is introduced as a friend of Earletha “Cookie” Kelly. However, Rhonda and Magic hook up after an LA Lakers game, resulting in Rhonda getting pregnant. She gives birth to Magic’s first son in the second season. Rhonda is very loosely based on Melissa Mitchell, the real-life mother of Magic Johnson’s first child. In reality, Magic and Melissa Mitchell had a brief affair sometime around 1980, leading to the birth of their son, Andre Johnson, in 1981. However, little is known about the nature and extent of Melissa’s relationship with Magic, and they eventually parted ways.

Melissa is the daughter of Charles Mitchell and Elinor Dungay. She has two brothers and a sister and was raised in Lansing, Michigan. Following the birth of Andre, Melissa reportedly raised him in Michigan. However, Melissa Mitchell appears very private and has chosen to remain outside the limelight. Therefore, it is likely that the makers chose to fictionalize her story using Rhonda to avoid any legal repercussions. Melissa is married and has adopted her husband’s last name, “Dukes.” She maintains a social media presence under the name Melissa Mitchell Dukes but isn’t active on any of the platforms. Melissa reportedly works at Sky Packing Material and resides in Lansing, Michigan.

Andre Johnson Is Close With Magic Johnson

Andre Johnson was born on February 20, 1981, to Magic Johnson, a basketball superstar, and Melissa Mitchell. While Melissa and Magic did not marry, they remained committed to raising their son. Andre was reportedly raised by Melissa in Lansing, Michigan, and spent the summers with his father’s side of the family in Los Angeles, California. Growing up, Andre attempted to hone his basketball skills and played for Waverly High School’s basketball team during his freshman year.

Andre later transferred to Everett High School, where his father had also played and studied. However, during his sophomore year, Andre opted not to pursue a career in basketball. Andre studied at Santa Monica Community College and obtained an associate’s degree in business management. He briefly worked for Electra Records before working with his father’s company Magic Johnson Enterprises, a conglomerate with a reported net worth of $700 million. Andre worked as a marketing director for the company.

Andre was Vice President Of Business Development at Mythical Games between 2018 and 2022. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Business Development at SimWin Sports. He also hosts a podcast titled ‘Please Elaborate.’ Andre is married to Lisa (Meyers) Johnson, and the couple have two children. Lisa is the founder and director of Private School Village. Andre has remained close with his father, stepmother, and step-siblings and regularly posts on social media about his experiences with them. Andre lives with his wife and children in Los Angeles, California.

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