Where Are Nanette Packard’s Ex-Husbands and Kids Now?

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Almost three decades after the fact, ABC’s ’20/20′ chronicles the horrific homicide of millionaire William “Bill” McLaughlin in a special event episode that incorporates all aspects of the matter. His perpetrators, who maintain their innocence to this day, play a significant role in it as they explain their sides of the story. After all, they are none other than Bill’s fiancée Nanette Packard McNeal and her then-boyfriend Eric Naposki. They were arrested in May 2009, 15 years following the December 1994 offense, so they had moved on with their lives. And now, if you are curious to know more about Nanette’s ex-husbands and children, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Nanette’s Ex-Husbands and Children?

Although born as Nanette Maneckshaw in July 1965 in Chicago, the petite blonde primarily grew up around Phoenix, Arizona, before settling down in the sunny state of California. She was 18-years-old when she married her first husband, Kevin Johnston, on November 11, 1983, with whom she had two adorable children — a son and a daughter. Regrettably, their union did not last, and they got divorced in 1989. It was soon after this that Nanette got involved with Bill McLaughlin and then Eric Naposki. Bill loved that his partner was a “good mother,” thus, despite both of them being recently divorced, he didn’t mind proposing within a short-term period.

Unbeknownst to the self-made man, Nanette started an affair with former professional footballer Eric Naposki while engaged. Yet, that link fell apart after Bill was slain in 1994 as well. Eric was also hoping to marry her since he didn’t know that she and Bill were a romantic pair. Then, in 1996, Nanette spent 180 days in prison for stealing from Bill by forging his signatures. Following her release, she married wealthy businessman John Packard on Valentine’s Day 1998 and had a daughter. They legally separated in 2003, and in 2006, Nanette married William McNeal, with whom she has a son.

Where Are Nanette’s Ex-Husbands and Children Now?

Three years after Nanette and William McNeal began a new phase of their life together, she was arrested and charged with murder from their home in California, shattering William’s world. According to his testimony during her trial, he initially believed her innocence and rallied all their friends and family to help out. Slowly, though, he learned why she was a suspect and uncovered the sordid web of lies she’d told him through the years. William consequently stopped vising her in jail with their son and filed for divorce in 2010. Today, the entrepreneur and his son seem happy and healthy.

John Packard//Image Credit: Orange County Register

John Packard also testified in his ex-wife’s trial. A few years later, around 2016, he pleaded guilty to real-estate-related mail fraud after cooperating with authorities when the business was found to be a Ponzi scheme. He walked away with a 2½ year sentence after his daughter pleaded for leniency. From what we can tell, in his early 70s, John now serves as a consulting project manager in Long Beach, California. As for the rest of Nanette’s family, not many details are publicly available. Except, we know that even Kevin Johnston testified in her trial.

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