Where Are The Hype Season 2’s Knoxx and Khanh Now?

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

Created by Rachelle Mendez, David Collins, Rob Eric, and Michael Williams, HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’ is a popular fashion reality series. It provides various streetwear designers the opportunity to show some of the biggest names in the industry what they are capable of. Through different challenges, the designers are able to accumulate several skills and victories, all in order to secure a co-sign from the three judges as the winner and a cash prize worth $150,000.

The recently released season 2 of the show introduced viewers to Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo. The two designers were always ready to embrace the difficulties presented to them and quickly made a name for themselves. As expected, both of them have garnered many fans who are eager to know more about these two participants, especially their present whereabouts. Luckily, here is everything we know about the same!

Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo’s The Hype Journey

Brittney “Knoxx” Brooks and Khahn Ngo were among the nine designers who secured a spot for themselves in the competitions thanks to their clothing racks, which were examined by the judges at the very start. Knoxx, the owner of DVMN NYC/DVMNPIGEON, shared that she hails from Elmira, New York. Similarly, Khahn Ngo, originally from Columbus, Ohio, talked about his brand N*G*O. From the very start, both of them kept impressing the judges and the guests with their unique styles, Though there were some ups and downs in the journey.

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

However, any setbacks that the duo faced seemed to make the designers even stronger. In fact, Khahn won his first challenge right after being in the bottom three after the second task in the show. For the third challenge, the participants were asked to create some clothing for some of the most renowned skaters in the world. Keeping his muse, Ish Cepeda, in mind, Khahn created a look that was both stylish and comfortable and earned the victory for the week.

In the very next task, the designers had to create a look to represent their community and their roots. The guests for the week were none other than Blacc Sam and BH, the brains behind Marathon Clothing. For the second time in a row, Khahn won the competition and earned himself a collaboration with Marathon Clothing. The victory also gave him the advantage in the next task, where he got the honor of creating three teams of two, and Khahn decided to work with Knoxx as Team A. For the challenge, Khahn and Knoxx had to create a look for Offset’s daughter Kalea and have it match the singer’s pre-decided apparel. The duo showed their mettle and teamworking skills by winning the competition. This marked Khahn’s third victory in a row and Knoxx’s first victory ever.

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

In the season finale, both of them were pitted against each other to get the remaining spot in the top two. For this, they had to impress the judges by using their lookbooks. Unsure about which one to choose, the judges decided to give them both the chance to present their collection, along with Winston Bartholomew “Barth” Holder III. When the time came to decide the winners, the judges gave Barth the victory. Though Knoxx and Khahn were sad about not being able to win the competition, they both agreed that the overall experience was something they would cherish forever.

Where Are Knoxx and Khahn Ngo Now?

As of writing, both Knoxx and Khahn seem to be thriving in their professional lives. Meanwhile, Knoxx is seemingly focused on helping her business grow even further. The designer has recently released a fall collection for her customers. If you are interested in checking out the same, you can do so through the official website of DVMN NYC. Apart from exploring her skills as a designer, Knoxx also seems passionate about the art of music. She also enjoys traveling and adventurous activities like hiking.

For Khahn, his fashion designing career has indeed taken off. He is presently working with Marathon Clothing on the collaboration that he won as a part of the show. The Ohio native is apparently also affiliated with Made & Co. Gallery, Dream Motorsports, and Close Friends. We wish both Knoxx and Khahn the best in their lives and hope that they have a wonderful future ahead.

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