Bank of Dave: All Filming Locations of the Netflix Biopic

‘Bank of Dave’ is a true story-based, feel-good drama that revolves around a working-class man’s efforts to open the first new Bank in the UK after a hundred years, and combat the financial institutions working against him. Dave Fishwick is a self-made millionaire who wants to do good for his community in the English town of Burnley. He plans to set up a bank to help local businesses thrive and have its proceeds go to charity. However, he soon finds himself at loggerheads with London’s powerful banks, who use their legal muscle against him.

The hopeful philanthropist’s legal defense is formed by a young London lawyer, Hugh, at his side. While Hugh initially remains skeptical of Dave’s plan, his good nature and benevolent mission win him over, and together they launch a campaign to fight back while raising money for the historic feat. Directed by Chris Foggin, the spirited tale takes us through multiple locations around Dave’s picturesque hometown of Burnley, including, a baroque city hall, a lively pub, and a vibrant fundraising concert, making one wonder where filming for the Netflix movie took place.

Where Was Bank of Dave Filmed?

‘Bank of Dave’ filmed a few scenes in Burnley and London, as per its narrative, but was largely lensed in Bradford, Leeds, and Wakefield in the Yorkshire county of northern England. Principal photography began on February 28, 2022, and was wrapped up by April 2, 2022. Interestingly, the real-life Dave Fishwick joins the film’s cast in a cameo appearance for the council meeting at the beginning of the movie. Allow us to take you through specific places used to set the scenes for ‘Bank of Dave.’

Burnley, the UK

A small portion of shooting for the Netflix film was carried out in the Lancashire town of Burnley, where the real-world Bank of Dave first took root. When Hugh first arrives in Burnley, he stops to ask for directions on Walsden Grove next to Carholm Avenue, the scene was lensed in the actual Lancashire location, with the neighborhood visible in the background. The Burnley Magistrates Court on Parker Lane features in courtroom scenes of the drama-comedy, creating an authentic litigative atmosphere.

The Turf Moor football stadium on 52-56 Harry Potts Way was also utilized for later scenes in the movie. The Burnley Town Hall on Manchester Road can be seen in the film with its distinct dome-topped clock tower. When Dave goes out to meet local business owners with Hugh, they visit the markets at the city’s heart, and the Burnley Market Hall on Curzon Street is used as a backdrop for their conversations. Just north of Bernely, the film crew was spotted setting up Dave’s mini-buses in the civil parish of Colne.

Leeds, the UK

The scenic city of Leeds was used in ‘Bank of Dave’ to portray locations in London, as well as some of the bar and office spaces seen in the movie. The production team for the Netflix film operated from Prime Studios in Leeds. Hugh’s meetup with Megan takes place at the Salon Privé, which was actually filmed on the Dakota Hotel’s first floor, at 8 Russell Street. The Duck and Drake bar, frequented by the characters, is located in Leeds, at 43 Kirkgate.

Even scenes of Hugh visiting banking experts to secure Dave’s license were filmed in an office in Leeds. The in-film glass FRB office sporting contemporary architecture was shot at the Central Square on Wellington Street in Leeds. Other Leeds landmarks and locations visible in the film are, the Cardigan Arms pubs, Union Coffee House, Park Square, Bond Court, Kendells Bistro, Temple of Boom, and Bowcliffe Hall.

Bradford, the UK

Bradford, the world’s first UNESCO City of Film, was also used in the production of ‘Bank of Dave,’ primarily for scenes using its 19th Century Venetian gothic City Hall on Centenary Square. The adjacent structure of the old magistrate’s court can also be spotted in the film.

Wakefield, the UK

The filmmakers set up camp at Production Park studios in the cathedral city of Wakefield. A Production Park soundstage became a set for the rock concert used by Dave as a fundraiser. The band members of Def Leppard were excited to perform on the stage, even though their audience members consisted of a few dozen film crew.

London, the UK

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom and England, is seen in the film’s establishing shots of the city. The landscape view of the metropolis treats us to a cluster of skyscrapers, with the Shard, Canary Wharf, and Tower Bridge seen among them as distinct landmarks.

Harrogate, the UK

The North Yorkshire town of Harrogate featured in the comedy-drama through its city hall. The Harrogate City Hall on 132 Harrogate Crossing was used by the crew to lens scenes for the film, with the Harrogate Borough Council supporting their activity in the locality.

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