Where Was BET+’s Christmas Rescue Filmed? Who’s in the Cast?

Co-written and helmed by William “Billy” Givens Jensen, BET+’s ‘Christmas Rescue’ is a romantic comedy film that revolves around the holiday-themed wedding of a young woman named Chelsea Alexander who is about to marry the man of every woman’s dreams. However, the wedding is interrupted by a couple of men in suits and masks as they abduct the bride only for her to find out that her ex, Keith, was behind it all.

In an attempt to win back Chelsea’s love, Keith does everything he can to convince her that they belong together but there happens to be a few misunderstandings between them. So, the question is — will the ex-lovers rekindle and get married? The fast-paced tale of romance is complemented by the constantly changing backdrops, which include the church where Chelsea is about to get married and Keith’s house, making the viewers curious about the filming locations of ‘Christmas Rescue.’

Christmas Rescue Filming Locations

‘Christmas Rescue’ was filmed entirely in Georgia, particularly in Atlanta. It seems that the principal photography for the holiday-based movie got underway in July 2023 and reportedly got wrapped up within three weeks, probably in the same month itself. So, let’s learn all about the specific sites that make an appearance in the BET+ production!

Atlanta, Georgia

The shooting of all the pivotal sequences for ‘Christmas Rescue’ took place in and around the city of Atlanta, the capital of Georgia situated among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The production team traveled across the city and set up camp in various neighborhoods and streets to lens several key scenes for the film. Talking about the behind-the-scenes with Beatrice, Samantha Neyland Trumbo explained what a shooting day looked like. She said, “I booked the role on a Friday and then flew out to Atlanta on Sunday to start filming by Tuesday. When I got to set on the first day I was still working through the script and breaking down scenes but fortunately, every cast member was willing and ready to work together, run lines, and collaborate with the goal of creating an awesome film.”

Samantha elaborated, “Every single day we were running lines in the makeup trailer, during lunch, and in between camera setups. We shot the entire movie in three weeks so it was a jam-packed schedule. There was no time to relax. We really had to make sure every moment was being utilized to our advantage.” The actress was also asked about her favorite co-star during the shooting. She stated, “Favorite feels like an impossible word because everyone was so incredible and got along so well! I will say that Robin Givens was my most influential cast member. As the writer and executive producer, she was on set every day giving feedback, encouragement, and inspiration. I learned so much from working with her and am so happy we’ve stayed in touch since filming.”

Christmas Rescue Cast

Samantha Neyland Trumbo headlines BET+’s ‘Christmas Rescue’ by essaying the role of the protagonist, Chelsea Alexander. Upon gaining eminent fame and prominence after getting crowned Miss Hawaii USA, she bagged some key roles in various movies, including ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’ as Tenisha, ‘Running Away’ as Erica, and ‘Horror Noire’ as Clara.’ Thus, you might have seen her other works, which is why her face looks familiar to you. Portraying Dwayne in the romantic film is Catfish Jean, who is also a Hawaiian multi-talented personality.

Over the course of his long acting career, Jean has been featured in different kinds of film and TV projects, such as ‘Skin in the Game,’ ‘To Leslie,’ ‘The Hit,’ ‘Alley Way,’ ‘Send Help,’ ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ and ‘Sexless.’ In ‘Christmas Rescue,’ the lead actors are accompanied and supported by a group of talented actors who play supporting roles, namely Robin Givens as Mama Rose, Mario Van Peebles as William Alexander, Raven Goodwin as Kym, Mary Kate Wiles as Ally-Ann, and Donny Carrington as Charles Goodwin. Moreover, Jahmir Greenwell represents the younger Dwayne, Cameron Bailey portrays Keith Benjamin, Stella Doyle features as CoCo Mendoza, and Mark Anthony Kelly plays the role of the wedding officiant, in the Christmas film.

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