Where Was BET+’s Stay Out Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

BET+’s ‘Stay Out’ is a horror thriller film directed by Jared Safier that focuses mainly on Donovan Jones, a successful businessman who leads a rather regular life. Soon, he finds out that his late uncle — who used to practice black magic — and aunt had named him as their sole beneficiary in the will after their demise. In order to claim what he has inherited, he embarks on a journey to their estate. Upon reaching there, a revelation about his uncle’s death dawns upon him as he finds out that he was murdered in cold blood.

Now, Donovan’s uncle possesses his body in order to avenge his own death, punishing the perpetrator for killing him. The narrative is driven by the central theme of black magic, which keeps things hauntingly entertaining and the audience on the edge of their seats. With most of the story unfolding in and around the protagonist’s uncle’s haunting estate, the fantastical elements complement the eerie setting, making the viewers wonder where ‘Stay Out’ was shot. If you are one such curious soul, we have your back!

Stay Out Filming Locations

‘Stay Out’ was filmed in California, especially in and around Los Angeles. Principal photography for the Jared Safier directorial reportedly commenced in March 2023 and wrapped up within a month or so, in April of the same year. The vastness and versatility of the Golden State works in the favor of filmmakers as it makes for a suitable filming site for different kinds of productions. So, let’s dive right into the intricate details regarding the specific locations that appear in the BET+ production!

Los Angeles, California

The shooting of all the pivotal sequences for ‘Stay Out’ took place in the city of Los Angeles, which is situated in Southern California. To be specific, the production team utilized the facilities of Lux Angeles Studios, which is situated at 1952 North Cahuenga Boulevard in Los Angeles. From pre-production to post-production, the film studio is responsible for different stages in the production process and has worked on various film and TV projects, such as ‘Menorah in the Middle,’ ‘Santa Games,’ ‘A Tear in the Sky,’ ‘The Shoulders of Giants,’ and ‘Shady Grove.’

Moreover, the cast and crew members of ‘Stay Out’ set up camp in the Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles. Various areas in and around the iconic and production-based neighborhood also served as prominent filming sites as you are likely to spot some of them in the backdrop of various exterior portions. Given its association with the film and entertainment industry, LA has served as a filming site for many movies and TV shows, including ‘Saw,’ ‘Halloween,’ ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ and ‘American Horror Stories.’

Stay Out Cast

BET+’s ‘Stay Out’ features a bunch of talented actors, with Kareem J. Grimes leading the cast as Donovan Jones. In his long acting career, Grimes has been featured in a number of pivotal roles, which is the primary reason why many of you might find his face familiar. Popular for ‘Jarhead,’ ‘All American,’ and ‘For the Love of Jason,’ he also stars in ‘The Preacher’s Son,’ ‘Muslimah’s Guide to Marriage,’ ‘The Mule,’ ‘Children of the Sun,’ ‘Adam + Eve,’ and ‘The Couch: Black Girl Erupted.’

Moreover, several other cast members feature in supporting roles in the thriller film, such as Caylee Cowan as Christie Ann, Dane DiLiegro as Graham, Jade Harlow as Peggy, Caitlin O’Connor as Jenny, Emelina Adams as Nurse Megan, and Christian Howard as Paul Anthony. While the multi-award-winning director Paris Dylan portrays Young Sheriff John, ‘Loyalty’ famed star, Desiree Mitchell, essays the role of Raveen in the BET+ production. The cast also features Dale Resteghini as Tom, Paris Bravo as Jamie, Christopher Sky as Rufus Jones, April Hale as Lisa, and Jhone Y. Lucas as Lauren. While Bri Ana Wagner stars as a Paramedic dash,  Mike Ferguson features as a homeless man. Columbus Short and Norman Towns also appear in the horror film.

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