Christmas in Notting Hill: Cast and Shooting Locations

Helmed by actress and director Ali Liebert, ‘Christmas in Notting Hill’ follows the unlikely romance of Georgia as she visits the UK and runs into Graham, who, unbeknownst to her, is a famous footballer. Graham has never had time for Romance and finds it refreshing to talk to someone who has no idea who he is. However, as they spend more time together, onlooking women are drawn to Graham, making Abby realize she might be missing something big. The couple explores many of London’s famous attractions and visits a number of classy establishments. After having feasted your eyes on the breathtaking backdrop of the film, you may want to know the specific locations where the Hallmark movie was filmed.

Christmas in Notting Hill Filming Locations

‘Christmas in Notting Hill’ takes us on a tour of the real-life destinations presented in the film, which are contained within the cities of London in the UK and Dublin in Ireland. While a few scenes at the beginning of the movie featuring the stunning landmarks were lensed in London, the production team also visited Dublin, which served as the stand-in for the capital city of England. Filming for the holiday movie started late in March 2023 and was wrapped up by April 15 of the same year. Let’s take a look at the specific locations the film crew visited to set up scenes for the production.

London, England

A part of the filming for ‘Christmas in Notting Hill’ was carried out within the territory of its namesake, Notting Hill, a district of West London. The district is known for posh localities and high-end restaurants with a cosmopolitan character. It is certainly one of the most artistically enticing settings for filmmakers looking for an Urban backdrop in London. While sightseeing, Georgia takes us through some iconic London landmarks and spectacles, including the London Eye Ferris wheel, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, red phone booths, and double-decker buses.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is the coastal capital city of the Republic of Ireland, situated at the mouth of the River Liffey. Most of the locations visited by Georgia and Graham together in the film are situated in the aesthetic streets of Dublin. When both characters are at the Notting Hill Cafe, and the barista chases Graham to return his bag, they are actually at the Black Sheep Pub, 61 Capel Street, in Dublin. Across the street from them, we can see a black shop with the board reading Belle Chimnee, which is a fireplace shop on 106 Capel Street. Filming at this location was carried out on March 28, 2023.

The London Hill Pub in the film is actually The Hill Pub at 1 Old Mountpleasant in Ranelagh, Dublin. The Hill Pub is a popular attraction in Dublin, tracing its lineage dating back to 1845. For the purpose of filming, it was decorated with Christmas lights and embellishments along with Union Jacks. Even the surrounding area was altered with red phone boxes, one of which can be seen as the couple walks past it while introducing themselves. As the area sported British attire for the shooting, the residents witnessed Christmas in April around the pub. Filming on the location reportedly wrapped up in the first week of April.

Christmas in Notting Hill Cast

The Hallmark Channel film is led by William Moseley and Sarah Ramos as Graham and Georgia. Sarah Ramos is an actress and writer who might seem familiar to you owing to her performance as Haddie Braverman in ‘Parenthood, Sarah in ‘A Kismet Christmas,’ Jessica in ‘The Bear,’ and Casey Jones in ‘City Girl.’

William Moseley got his break as a child actor in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ as Peter Pevensie. Besides the film series, you might have seen the passionate actor in ‘The Royals’ as Prince Liam, ‘Saving Paradise’ as Michael Peterson, and ‘Artemis Fowl’ as Italian Man. Other cast members include Clodagh Moriarty as Ghost, Joelle Rae as Lizzie Bright, and Grace Reilly as Leah.

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