Christmas on Windmill Way: All the Details of Shooting Locations and Cast

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‘Christmas on Windmill Way,’ helmed by director Don McBrearty, takes us to the quaint hometown of Mia Meijer, whose Oma, Ann, will win the top Golden Rolling Pin prize in the Christmas market bakeoff. However, she has troubling news for Mia. Ann had to sell the deed to a windmill that had been in their family for generations. To make matters worse, the property manager in charge of the mill is Brady Schaltz, her high school ex who dumped her right before prom.

Nevertheless, she convinces Brady of the cultural importance of the mill and the two begin to work together toward the mill’s survival. An old romance blossoms as Mia and Brady take part in the town’s Christmas festivities and strive towards preserving the mill. The bright and merry atmosphere, coupled with a serene landscape, may make one wonder where the movie was filmed and who are the cast members bringing it to life.

Christmas on Windmill Way Locations

‘Christmas on Windmill Way’ was filmed almost entirety in North Bay, Ontario. Filming took place in late June of 2023 and was wrapped up by July of the same year. Let us look closely at the filming location used for the Christmas movie.

North Bay, Ontario

Nestled in Northern Ontario, North Bay presents a picturesque blend of natural beauty and small-town charm. Surrounded by serene lakes and dense forests, its idyllic setting has become a favored location for filming heartwarming Christmas movies. Thus, it is understandable why the production team of ‘Christmas on Windmill Way’ chose the city as a filming site. The town’s cozy downtown streets lined with historic buildings exude a nostalgic ambiance, providing an authentic backdrop for festive storytelling.

North Bay’s winter wonderland, draped in snow during the holiday season, offers a captivating canvas for filmmakers, featuring ice-skating rinks, quaint shops, and scenic landscapes that evoke a sense of warmth and tradition. Its welcoming community and vistas add to the allure of crafting memorable seasonal films. For the filming of ‘Christmas on Windmill Way,’ McBrearty utilized the rural charm of North Bay and its accompanying scenic expanse. The top-down drone landscape shots showing snow-covered scenery are taken from a different time, as there was snow in the region during filming.

The town is especially known for the shooting of Christmas movies, with The Great American Family network having used the location to lens ‘Swing Into Romance,’ ‘Twas the Text Before Christmas,’ and ‘A Harvest Homecoming.’ Other Christmas films shot in the town include ‘Christmas Inheritance,’ ‘The Holiday Calendar,’ ‘Nostalgic Christmas,’ and ‘Northern Lights of Christmas.’

Christmas on Windmill Way Cast

The lighthearted Christmas movie is led by Christa Taylor Brown as Lily Jansen and Chad Michael Murray as Brady Schaltz. Christa Taylor Brown is a model turned actress. She has starred in ‘Wynonna Earp’ as Haven, in ‘Dream Wedding’ as Megan Wilde, and in ‘Range Roads’ as Julia.

Chad Michael Murray is a seasoned actor who is best known for essaying Lucas Scott in ‘One Tree Hill.’ He has gained further fame by portraying Jake in ‘Freaky Friday,’ Nick in ‘House of Wax,’ Austin in ‘A Cinderella Story,’ and Edgar Evernever in ‘Riverdale.’ Other cast members include Darrin Baker as Walt Caprio, Marcia Bennett as Ann, Jon McLaren as Willem Jansen, and Christa Taylor Brown.

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