Where is Adam Frasch Today?

ID’s ‘American Monster’ presents the murder case of Samira Mbotizafy Frasch, who was found dead in her pool on 22 February 2014. The ex-model, and the mother of two girls, Hyrah and Skynaah, was undergoing a troublesome divorce with her husband Adam Frasch. The two reportedly had an on and off relationship and were still living together, at the time of her death. Adam Frasch’s unusual trip with the children, on the day Samira’s body was found, resulted in his name being put on the top of the suspect’s list.

Who is Adam Frasch?

Adam Frasch was a podiatrist, who met his third wife Samira, in Paris. After a whirlwind romance, the two got married in 2009. Those who were close to them in varying capacities have allegedly stated that the two had a problematic relationship, perhaps during their entire marriage. As per reports, Samira had told her hairdressers, assistant, and the Golden Eagle Homeowner’s Association Managers that Adam had threatened to kill her.

Even for the police investigators, who interrogated Frasch after Samira’s death, what stood out are some details that simply did not add up. According to them, Adam had stated that the two were working things out. But that did not seem to be the case from the security footage, which showed Samira slamming shut the car door that Adam was trying to open. Also, he had stated that she had consumed two bottles of champagne, but no traces of alcohol were found in the toxicology report. This was combined with the fact that Adam was having multiple extra-marital affairs with several women, one of whom was an exotic dance named Erica Tidwell. Samira had allegedly stumbled upon a voicemail from Tidwell.

Later, it was stated that Samira had even offered one of Adam’s ex-girlfriends money to buy a sex tape, of Adam with his ex. This had a drastic effect on their marriage and divorce proceedings, and subsequently, even in the murder investigation. Samira’s upper hand in the divorce with her receiving temporary custody of the children, and acquiring much of his assets, and money were considered as a major motive.

Adam Frasch was arrested with respect to a Medicare Fraud he was involved in during the case investigation. Frasch’s children, based on several reports in 2014, started staying with Frasch’s brother in Omaha, Nebraska after Adam became a suspect. The case investigation and other proceedings of the case, went on till 2017, after which Frasch was found guilty of first-degree murder.

The breakthrough in the case was brought upon by Dale Folsom, who was referred to as a jailhouse snitch, at the time. As per his statements during the trial, Adam spilled the details of his involvement in the murder, when the two shared a cell, following Frasch’s arrest. He stated that Adam had hit Samira on the head with a golf club, after which she fell. Folsom also stated that Adam mentioned it as an accident he didn’t have any prior intentions of doing.

The investigators found a golf club with Samira’s DNA, but the medical examiner stated that she did not believe it was a golf club that caused the blunt force trauma on Samira’s head. Added to this was the eyewitness account, who stated that someone closely resembling Samira was seen on her property after Adam left the house with the children. However, in the face of other evidence and substantial details stating his possible motives, and past actions, the court found him guilty of first-degree murder, after which he was sentenced to prison for life, in 2017.

Where is Adam Frasch Now?

At present, Adam Frasch is serving his life sentence in prison. He still maintains that he is innocent. Adam Frasch has appeared on NBC’s ‘Dateline’ and even ‘True Crime Daily.’ In September 2019, his verdict was upheld after he had made an appeal against his sentence.

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