Where is Allen Glover Now?

Netflix’s docuseries, ‘Tiger King’ might start out as an intriguing portrayal of Joe Exotic, an eccentric zookeeper by all accounts. The man is larger than life and overt in his gestures. This is what made his feud with Carole Baskin, somewhat entertaining to watch. However, underneath the blustering bravado, lurked true darkness, as we realize. Joe went ahead and tried to hire two hitmen to assassinate Carole.

Luckily, no harm came to her, as the second hitman was an undercover FBI agent, who quickly proceeded to bring up charges against Exotic related to murder for hire. However, before reaching out to the second hitman, Exotic had looked closer to home, to find a murderer for hire. He’d gone to Allen Glover, an employee at the zoo, who technically worked for Exotic’s partner, Jeff Lowe.

Curious to find out where Glover is now? We’ve got you covered in that regard.

Who is Allen Glover?

Allen Glover held the position of a handyman at the zoo and was brought in by Jeff Lowe, who he’d worked with for a long time. Glover was a sixth-grade dropout, who had a list of felony convictions. Notably, Allen’s run-ins with the law included prison time, and he started as early as when he was 17 years old.

The South Carolina man had been convicted on charges of assault. While serving time in Louisiana, he got a teardrop tattoo under his eye. Joe Exotic took that to mean that Allen had killed before, and he approached Allen to carry out the hit on Carole. However, Allen has come out saying that his tattoo was to commemorate his late grandfather.

Nonetheless, Allen wasn’t about to walk away from easy money and told Joe that he’d even bring him Carole’s head for $5,000. Eventually, Joe managed to scramble up $3,000. According to Allen’s account, Joe instructed him to assassinate Carole along a walking path, which would provide him with camouflage.

Joe went ahead and arranged for a fake Arizona ID from a shop in Dallas, and gave Allen one of the park’s cell phones. He also saved an online picture of Baskin on the phone, so Allen wouldn’t have any trouble identifying the target. Joe reportedly sold a liliger (lion-tiger hybrid) cub to pay for the expenses.

Where is Allen Glover Now?

At the time of Joe’s trial, Glover was 51 years old. He testified that although he took the money, he had no intention of killing Carole. He returned to his home state, South Carolina, for a while, before driving out a few weeks later, to warn Carole in person.

However, being drunk, and high on cocaine as well as painkillers, Allen never made it in person to see Baskin. He did drive east but managed to land up at an unknown beach in Florida, where he partied with some people. From the docuseries, it is clear that Allen’s admission of being incapable of killing is true. Moreover, his account seems to suggest that Joe Exotic is to blame completely for attempting to hire a hitman to eliminate Carole.

Allen just wanted to make some money and sprung at the opportunity. Not much is known about Allen’s current whereabouts apart from that. There doesn’t seem to be much of a digital footprint. We did reach out to The Greater Wynnewood Animal Park, but Jeff Lowe has refused to provide an update if Allen is currently employed there. Considering that Glover has worked for Lowe most of his life, it is likely that Allen might still be employed there in some capacity.

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