Amber: Where is the Intervention Cast Member Now? Update

An inability to overcome the gripping clutches of addiction leads to the unimaginable in ‘Intervention.’ The A&E reality television show features numerous individuals who find themselves unable to let go of the disastrous and self-destructive habits of alcoholism and substance abuse. As friends and family gather to help their loved ones seek the correct course of action, several intense situations follow. With the help of a certified interventionist, the loved ones of the subjects take a leap to redeem their addiction. Released in 2021, the 22nd season of the reality series features Amber, once an aspirational athlete whose life was altered by a series of unfortunate events. Since her appearance, fans have been curious to know more about her progress. So, if you’re wondering the same, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Amber’s Intervention Journey

Heading towards a seemingly unending road, Amber would indulge in different kinds of substance abuse. To support her drug addiction, the former ice hockey player would even steal money from her girlfriend, Olivia. Albeit her predicament, things weren’t always so bad for the television personality. Having started ice hockey at the age of 11, Amber was on the path to contest for Team Canada. The worst struck when a player ran into her and hit her in the face with her skate. For nine minutes, the 17-year-old was unconscious on the ice rink.

While she was diagnosed with a concussion and treated along those lines, she felt a significant pain that never subsided. Eventually, she was prescribed morphine for the issue. Additionally, she lost the chance to play competitively forever. During this time, a close person in the family allegedly assaulted her. On the family’s insistence, a police investigation was also conducted.

However, no charges were brought down on the alleged perpetrator, leaving Amber no choice but to leave town. Shortly after, she moved to New York and became a successful model. It wasn’t long before the relentless pain from the ice hockey injury got to her. Doctors kept prescribing her pain medications but to little avail. A grave issue followed when she began losing mobility in her left arm.

Ultimately, almost 12 years after she was first injured, a doctor diagnosed her with fractured vertebrae and a cyst inside her spinal cord. Consequently, she underwent surgery and couldn’t do anything for about two years. The morphine medication eventually led to an addiction. Despite meeting her girlfriend Olivia and finding the courage to leave a life of addiction behind, Amber eventually relapsed. From here on, she decided to sell coke and use cocaine and morphine. However, Amber was equally conscientious. She knew that stealing from her girlfriend and her elderly mother to supplement her addiction wasn’t right. In the hopes of getting out of her situation, she readily accepted help when interventionist Jesse lent a hand. So, what has been her journey following the show?

Where is Amber Now?

After seeking the right course of treatment, Amber decided to make a difference in her health. Not just this, she even found herself regaining a purpose that had been lost for years. The television personality completed 90 days at the Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Center. During this time, she was able to seek support from the community and work on a myriad of issues. However, the intensity of the physical pain eventually led Amber to redirect her ways. Soon after leaving the treatment centre, the excruciating pain from her injury led her to relapse.

Since the cameras closed in on her, Amber has recused herself from public light. In addition to maintaining a low profile on social media platforms, the family hasn’t stepped up to give an update on Amber’s condition. Additionally, it is also unclear if Amber and Olivia are still together and whether she is sober. While the former athlete’s road to recovery has been full of obstacles, we continue to hope that she manages to overcome the chronic pain and addiction and map the road to everlasting health and happiness.

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