Where is Amy Gonzalez Now?

A double murder-suicide at a courthouse in New Castle County, Delaware, forever changed multiple lives. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Web of Lies: Web of Spies’ delves into the events that precipitated the tragic murders of Christine Belford and Laura Mulford in February 2013. Christine was involved in a custody dispute that dragged on for years with her ex-husband, David. While she was awarded full custody eventually, she was also a victim of constant harassment and stalking at the hands of David and his family. Amy Gonzalez, his sibling, was also part of this campaign. So, if you’re wondering where she might be now, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Amy Gonzalez?

Amy Gonzalez is David’s younger sister (by about five years). At the time, she had been working as a nurse and was married with a daughter. Initially, when David and Lenore kidnapped his three daughters, Amy claimed to know nothing of it. After David and Lenore were sent to prison for the kidnapping, David lost custody of his children. Sometime in December 2009, he decided he was going to do anything to get back his daughters. He wrote to Amy asking her to send anonymous complaints about Christine’s parenting skills to social workers in Delaware.

In March 2011, a secretly recorded video was uploaded to YouTube, which alleged Christina was abusive towards her children. The video appeared to have been taken from a car while Christina and her children were outside on their front lawn. It was later revealed that the video was uploaded from the hospital where Amy worked. The family also went on to have a friend drive by Christine’s house to note down the license plate numbers of the cars that were parked at home in order to know who lived there. Amy had also prepared false polygraph reports about the accusations.

Christine was so scared that in November 2011, she confided in her lawyer regarding being scared of going missing or her daughters being hurt. In November 2012, David wrote to Amy from prison saying, “prepare yourself to be managing 4 by this time in 2013,” suggesting he would get back custody of his daughters. It all came to a head in February 2013, when Thomas shot Christine and her friend dead as they entered the courthouse before he killed himself. The extent of the stalking and each family member’s involvement in it came to light in the wake of the murder. Just a few days after the murder, Amy filed a petition for the custody of the three girls, one that was denied by the family court.

Where is Amy Gonzalez Now?

In February 2016, 43-year-old Amy was sentenced to life in prison, just like her brother and mother. She was found guilty of conspiracy, interstate stalking resulting in death, and cyberstalking resulting in death. The judge felt that Amy did not have the intent to murder Christine but should have known of the violence that was going to occur. She was emotional as she apologized to the victims. She said, “My heart goes out to all of [the victims]. I cry for them every day and pray for them every day.” Amy said she only wanted what was best for her nieces. As per prison records, she remains incarcerated at the Federal Medical Center – Carswell in Fort Worth, Texas.

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