An Da Jeong: Bodybuilder From Physical 100 is Thriving Now

Image Credit: An Da-jeong/Instagram

Given just how much emphasis Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100’ has on fitness, it should be no surprise that its cast includes some of the most famous and accomplished people from the industry. In fact, this might be one of the biggest reasons why the Korean reality show has garnered so much fame. One of the exciting participants from the premiere season of the series was none other than An Da-jeong. The famous bodybuilder became one to keep an eye out for as soon as she stepped foot into the competition. In fact, her presence only served to fuel the determination that others had for the show. Many of her fans are eager to know more about the fitness expert and what she is up to these days.

Who is An Da-jeong?

Born on April 18, 1986, An Da-jeong earned fame due to her achievements in the field of bodybuilding. The South Korean fitness enthusiast has participated in several events over the years to showcase her work to the world. Her determination and dedication certainly seem to have paid off, as the bodybuilder is often among the top participants in most of the events that she takes part in. No matter the scale of the competition or the possible prize, An gives her level best when on stage and is won for taking both victory and loss with much grace.

In fact, An won the 2018 IFBB(International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness) Romania Muscle Fest Pro competition and was delighted about the development. Her participation in the 2019 IFBB Olympia competition saw her bag 14th place. Over the years, the bodybuilder has taken part in several IFBB events and is always happy with her work during said competitions. Additionally, An’s work and skills have helped her much popularity over the internet, with over 158 thousand followers on Instagram. She also works as a coach and is known to partner with different companies and promote their products.

Due to her impressive physique and fame, An Da-jeong was a favorite among many during the Netflix competition. Not only did she enjoy a certain amount of respect from her fellow cast members, but she also gained popularity among the viewers at home, who could only follow her with awe in their eyes. Her swift passage from the first quest of the competition to the second only added to her fame. Needless to say, fans of the show continued to cheer her on during the entirety of her time on the Netflix series.

Where is An Da-jeong Now?

Thanks to her Netflix appearance, An Da-jeong’s popularity has only increased by leaps and bounds. The reality TV star has been more than happy to promote the show on her social media and has been quite positive about her time as a competitor. In fact, she seems to have fostered good connections with many of the cast members and has shared her love for them on social media.

An’s popularity on the internet has allowed her to partner with many brands, including Flexibella. The company provides fitness wear for those looking forwards to glam up their bodies with eye-catching clothes. The bodybuilder is also affiliated with KakaoTalk Open Chat and Hack Fit. When not working on her body, An apparently aims to help others achieve their fitness goals. In fact, she serves as a coach at Hack Gym. Recently, she was also seen showing off her jaw-dropping body during the 2022 IFBB Olympia events. The bodybuilder has a dog named Mando, whom she never fails to shower with affection.

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