Kim Da Young: Stuntwoman From Physical 100 is Exploring Now

Image Credit: Kim Da-young/Instagram

A healthy physique comes in many shapes and forms, with no restrictions regarding a person’s job. In Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100,’ this particular concept seems to have been taken to heart as the Korean reality show invites people from various fitness-related fields to take part in a series of challenges. As a stuntwoman, Kim Da-young did not enjoy the same amount of popularity as some of the others when she decided to participate in the competition. However, her skills and determination quickly made her a star player, with many eager to remain on her good side and hopefully be on the same team as her. The public has also become quite curious about the fitness enthusiast and what she might be up to these days. If you are wondering about the same thing, then get ready to explore with us!

Who is Kim Da-young?

Always eager to annually celebrate her birthday in early March, Kim Da-young is an accomplished stuntwoman with many skills under her belt. The reality TV star has trained extensively to become better and better in her line of work and has shared many insights into the same with her followers. Not only has Kim learned how to fake fight with a sword, but she is also well-versed in how the cables work during the shooting of an action sequence. Additionally, her line of work also means that she knows a bit or two about acting as well.

Given her profession, no one can doubt Kim’s zeal for adventure and thrill. The stuntwoman has partaken in many exciting activities over the years, some of which she is especially partial to. Whether it is surfing on the ocean waves or riding a dirt bike down the road, the reality TV star has done it all and then some. Additionally, she is fond of traveling and has enjoyed spending time in places like Australia.

Kim also works as a model and often partakes in photoshoots that show off her talents and physique. In the past, she has worked with companies like LG. However, her work as a stuntwoman seems to be the field that Kim is most dedicated to. In fact, she was part of another Korean Netflix project ‘Carter,’ and seemingly enjoyed the experience. The combination of her work as a stuntwoman and model has paved many paths for the reality TV star.

Where is Kim Da-young Now?

Kim Da-young has been happily promoting the Netflix series and has urged her followers to check out the competition. Her positivity regarding the experience also extends to her fellow cast members, whom she has been quite complimentary about. In fact, she has shared pictures of herself with stars like Choo Sung-hoon and Jang Eun-sil. Given that she was able to make it to the top 50 of the competitors, the stuntwoman has earned much respect and fame from the public.

When not working hard, Kim seems to enjoy traveling and cooking. She also seems partial to activities like wall climbing and horse riding. One of the most evident qualities regarding the ‘Physical: 100’ star is her love for animals. Whether it’s a sheep or a dog, Kim never hesitates to snap adorable pictures of them and share them with the world. The model seems close to her friends and family. She seems especially fond of her mother, with whom she has posted pictures on her Instagram as well. Additionally, she has a keen interest in literature and likes to share her favorite excerpts on social media. With her love for adventure, nature, and life, it is no wonder that Kim has been able to accomplish so much in her life.

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