Where is Andrea Mannelli Now?

Netflix’s ‘John of God: The Crimes of a Spiritual Healer’ is a four-part series that, as the title suggests, explores the life, work, offenses, and aftermath of Brazil’s once-notable João Teixeira de Faria. As an alleged medium and mystic surgeon, he was dubbed “John of God” and spent over four decades claiming to channel spirits to heal patients. However, throughout this time, he was sexually abusing the vulnerable women who came his way for aid as well. One such significant individual is reportedly Andrea Mannelli. So, here’s everything we know about her.

Who is Andrea Mannelli?

As per the documentary, more than a decade ago, Andrea Mannelli was a workaholic, married, and going through the motions of everyday life in a stagnant routine. Her only sense of ease came from her family — parents and sister — with whom she has always been close. Thus, when her mother got diagnosed with a brain tumor, she was ready to go to any lengths to help her live, even if it meant trying holistic medicine. Together, the family made their way to João Teixeira de Faria’s center in Abadiânia, where Andrea caught his eye. He soon grabbed her arms and asked for a private session.

As per Andrea’s accounts, João called her a medium and claimed that she could be the key to cure her mother. During their session, he slowly began molesting her, stating it was the only way for her to help. Every single time he touched her, she cried, and every time she cried, he screamed that her mother would die if she didn’t cooperate. According to Andrea, João used her emotional susceptibility before, during, and after the sexual assault to take advantage of her in every way. It went to such an extreme that she didn’t even realize what had happened until a while later.

Where is Andrea Mannelli Now?

Once Andrea Mannelli came to terms with her abuse, she yearned to file a complaint. Yet, his money, power, and public image frightened her, driving her to pull back and keep quiet. That is, until December 2018, when a few women publicly accused him of rape. The next morning, Andrea filed a 9-page report and resolved to fight for justice. Her mother’s tumor had been deemed benign and operated on before she realized his violation, but she still discerned that João probably had little to do with that. With this, she became crucial in his trial and testified to every detail of her attack.

Following João’s first conviction, Andrea partnered up with the prosecutor on this case, Gabriela Manssur, to combat violence against women in their country. Although the verdict in her case is still pending, she’s utilizing her experience and trying to move on by helping others deal with comparable ordeals. Andrea now knows she’s not alone, and she wants to spread that message. For this, her role in the communication and content industry for a firm founded by Gabriela aids her. Moreover, the São Paulo, Brazil native also works on brand partnernships at another firm in the city.

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