Where is Anthony Templet’s Step-Brother Peyton Mannino Now?

Burt Templet’s shooting death at the hands of his son, Anthony Templet, in Louisiana garnered many headlines in 2019. The history that the father and son shared shocked everyone. The pattern of isolation and abuse that Burt put Anthony through eventually culminated in a shooting incident that Anthony claimed was in self-defense. Netflix’s docuseries titled ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ chronicles the torrid story and features interviews from people who knew how Burt really was. Peyton Mannino, his stepson, talked about what it was like living in Burt’s household. So, if you’re curious to find out more, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Peyton Mannino?

Peyton was born to Susan Templet and her ex-husband Dennis Mannino. After Susan married Burt, Peyton began living in the same household as Anthony. On the show, he talked about how his stepbrother often spent much of his time behind closed doors in his room. Peyton felt that was because Anthony couldn’t be himself around his father as he was too scared and was not comfortable enough.

While Peyton believed that Burt loved Anthony in his own way, Anthony hated his father. Much of it had to do with the abusive environment that Burt maintained at home. Peyton said, “You walked a fine line in there. One minute the house is quiet; the next second, the dishes are being thrown, and screaming is going on. It was nothing but shoving and punching. He called me ‘fat ass,’ ‘a dumb motherf*****’ sometimes, he would shove a Jenga box as hard as he could at my head. Very rarely was it anything other than hell living there.”

Eventually, Peyton had enough and decided to move in with his father, Dennis. At that point, as per the show, Dennis called the police too, but nothing came of it because Anthony said there was no abuse going on in that household. Peyton was 16 around the time of filming in June 2019 and was glad to have his brother out by December 2019 on bond. He said, “To finally get to give him a hug is the one thing I’ve been wanting to do since he’s been in there because I knew he needed it.”

Where is Peyton Mannino Today?

In March 2021, Anthony was sentenced to serve probation and didn’t receive any jail time as part of a deal with the prosecution. Peyton and the family were relieved to get him back. From what we can tell, Peyton is quite close to Anthony and has always stood by his side. He is an avid football fan and a pet lover. Apart from that, Peyton is close to his family, and they regularly take vacations. He currently seems to help with a seafood business while living in Louisiana. Peyton lost his grandfather sometime in 2020 and fixed up a truck in his memory, using it in the business.

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