Where is Anthony Templet’s Step-Mom Susan Templet Now?

Netflix’s ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ is a three-part docuseries that delves into the circumstances surrounding Burt Templet’s death at the hands of his son, Anthony Templet. The show features interviews with family members and others involved with the case, providing an insight into the kind of isolated life Anthony led and the abuse he had to face. Susan Templet, Anthony’s stepmother, shared her experience living with Burt and the abuse she endured. So, let’s find out more about her then, shall we?

Who is Susan Templet?

Susan and Burt first met in 2008 at a sports bar in Louisiana through a friend. At the time, Anthony was still a child. The couple eventually began living together, and Susan raised Anthony as her own. She thought that he was funny and carefree. But over time, Anthony began to change, and on the show, she talked about how it was challenging to decipher what he felt because he hardly displayed any emotion.

Investigation post the shooting incident revealed that Burt had taken Anthony from his biological mother, Teresa Thompson, when he was about 5-years-old. It was also reported that Burt subjected Anthony to a pattern of abuse. Burt was secretive about Anthony and claimed he was homeschooled. Susan remembered how she taught him to write the alphabet and even taught him some math. However, she claimed that Burt asked her not to teach him because he could use a calculator instead.

Susan also talked about the abuse in the house, saying, “The physical abuse would’ve been weekly, and the verbal abuse every other day.” She further mentioned that Burt always had the house under surveillance and kept a note of the family members’ every move. Susan added, “Burt had an app on his phone – with every movement on a camera, he’d get a text of what was going on. Every time I turned my car engine off, he’d get an alert that it was off.”

Things came to a head in March 2019 when Susan left after an argument with Burt turned into him physically assaulting her. In a protective order that Susan filed later, she detailed just how much abuse she went through. According to her, in January 2019, during an argument, Burt smashed things on the ground and punched her in the head. A month before that, Susan claimed he punched her, breaking one of her teeth. Burt allegedly even threatened to cut her into pieces. The pattern was apparent because, in another incident from December 2018, Burt reportedly punched Susan, leading her eye to start bleeding.

Where is Susan Templet Today?

While Susan left immediately after the incident in March 2019, she couldn’t take Anthony with her. That’s because she believed Burt would have come after her. Susan supported no prison sentence for Anthony, who was released on supervised probation and lived with her. She said of him, “Anthony is my child. I don’t see him as a stepson. I see him as my child because I know he has nobody. He has nobody to stand behind him.” Susan currently lives in Zachary, Louisiana, and seems to be doing much better now. It appears that she enjoys spending time with her family and helping Anthony move on with his life.

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