Where is Anton Krasniqi Now?

After Andre Bamberski learned of his daughter’s death in July 1982, he went on a mission to bring who he believed to be the killer to justice. At the time, Andre felt that the circumstances pointed toward the stepfather, Dieter Krombach, as the one responsible. Netflix’s ‘My Daughter’s Killer’ delves into this very story, chronicling Andre stopping at nothing to get justice. Later, he even agreed to have Dieter kidnapped and brought to France to face trial, with Anton Krasniqi becoming an unlikely ally. So, if you’re curious to find out more about him, here’s what we know.

Who is Anton Krasniqi?

After Andre’s daughter’s death, he went through the autopsy report and noted several discrepancies that needed further investigation. At the time, Kalinka, the daughter, was found dead by her stepfather, Dieter, in his home in Germany. Andre felt Dieter was responsible for Kalinka’s death and eventually succeeded in pushing for his conviction in France. However, the German authorities didn’t extradite him, making him a free man in his home country.

As a result, Andre decided to do anything he could to bring Dieter to justice. In his years-long pursuit, he tracked Dieter to Scheidegg, Germany. Andre then traveled to Bregenz, Austria, which was close by. There, he had talked to a private detective about possibly kidnapping Dieter. Andre even mentioned it to restaurant workers and hotel staff. The word eventually reached a barman named Anton Krasniqi.

Anton was a Kosovan native who grew up in Austria and had been in Bregenz then. On the show, he talked about being fascinated by Andre’s strength as a father and thought about what he would have done for his child. So, Anton contacted Andre and said, “I can help you move him (Dieter). I can be involved in transporting him to France.” The two met, and Anton said he wanted to help out of compassion and didn’t want to take any money. Andre later stated that he had to insist on paying for Anton and his accomplices’ expenses at least.

So, Anton and Andre went to Scheidegg to look at Dieter’s place. As per the show, Anton had brought two Russian gangsters along when the time came to grab Dieter. He knocked on the door, and once Dieter came out, the two Russians grabbed him and put him in a car. Anton then said he drove while the other two Russians sat behind along with Dieter. Then, on the show, Anton mentioned asking one of the gangsters to get out of the car because the gangster had pulled out a knife to cut off Dieter’s genitals.

Where is Anton Krasniqi Today?

Anton eventually drove to Mulhouse, France, and left Dieter near the courthouse bound and beaten up. The authorities received an anonymous call from a man with a Russian accent one night in October 2009. Andre also received a call from a possible accomplice, giving him Dieter’s location and urging him to call the authorities. Later, the police found a phone bill with Anton’s name at the abduction site in Scheidegg, leading them to him.

Furthermore, the investigators also located 19,000 Euros with Andre, money that was supposed to be given to Anton. In the end, Anton and his accomplice, Kacha Bablovani, received one year in prison for the kidnapping. Anton was initially under judicial control in Mulhouse after being accused of kidnapping. As per the show, he served his sentence in Austria. Anton also talked about how everyone in his family was proud of what he did despite how things ended. Since then, Anton has chosen to stay away from the spotlight apart from appearing in the documentary. His last known location remains to be Bregenz.

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