Where is Baketopia Filmed?

Whether they are about ace bakers baking up a storm, like in ‘The Great British Bake-Off,’ or about people who have no clue what they’re doing and should not be allowed near an oven, like in ‘Nailed It!‘, baking reality shows are all the rage. There is just something inherently calming about competitive baking reality shows, regardless of whether the chocolate lava cake turns out to be the perfect amount of gooey inside or not.

With ‘Baketopia,’ which features YouTuber, author, and baker-extraordinaire Rosanna Pansino as the host, HBO Max is joining the ranks of channels that are home to baking competition shows. In ‘Baketopia,’ amateur bakers will have to attempt to impress the ‘Nerdy Nummies’ star and her “cake council” with viral-worthy desserts for a chance to win a cash prize of $10,000. Like most fans of the show, we were curious about where ‘Baketopia’ is filmed, so we did a little digging. Here’s what we found.

Baketopia Filming Locations

HBO Max brought ‘Nailed It!’ executive producer Patrick Doody on board as the showrunner for ‘Baketopia.’ The set of ‘Baketopia’ looks like the inside of a rainbow cake in itself, drenched in bright, pastel colors and lights. Several talented bakers use the space to create impressive-looking sugary treats, so of course, the set is made up of multiple cooking stations and a pantry area, along with a judges’ platform. Let’s take a look at the location details for ‘Baketopia.’

Los Angeles, California

While the exact filming location of ‘Baketopia’ has not been disclosed by HBO Max or by any of the stars of the show, we believe that it is filmed in Los Angeles, California. This assumption is based on the fact that ‘Craftopia,’ another HBO Max Original and ‘Baketopia’s’ sister-show, is also filmed on a sound stage at an LA production facility.

Moreover, both the shows are created by the same production company called B17 Entertainment, which is also based in the City of Angels. This comes as no surprise since most such competitive reality shows are filmed in Los Angeles, which is home to some of the biggest studios with the best production facilities in the country.

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