Where is Cheer’s Brooke Morosca Now?

Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ is a documentary series that is as gritty as it is inspirational, especially considering how it revolves around the experiences of those junior college athletes who’ve dedicated their entire lives to cheerleading as a sport. One such individual in season 2 is none other than Navarro’s Brooke Morosca, a hard-working and skilled Flyer who was a part of the institute’s 2019 national championship team as an alternate. So now that we know that 2020 was her final year there, let’s find out more about her, her journey as a cheerleader, and her current whereabouts, shall we?

Brooke Morosca’s Cheer Journey

Originally from New Jersey, Brooke Morosca got into cheerleading at the age of four thanks to her parents, who’d enrolled her into a gym alongside her elder sister in an attempt to get her out of her shell. That’s when the shy toddler turned into a performer and started specializing in high-flying skills due to her sheer fearlessness. Unfortunately, though, even if Brooke didn’t realize it at the time, her childhood wasn’t the most comfortable because she lost her father at the age of 9. Yes, there was obviously grief, but despite her mother’s best efforts, there were a few financial issues as well.

With that said, Brooke’s mother knew how much both her daughters loved the sport, so she made sure that they never had to give it up, even if it meant losing their house. That spirit of care and persistence is something Brooke absorbed, which inevitably became one of the reasons she always placed a high standard on herself. Thus, the fact that she got into Navarro gave her a confidence boost, only for it to pivot into a rollercoaster since she couldn’t make it onto the mat. The reason was that there were better technical all-rounders than her, including Gabi Butler, driving her to push and gradually develop her overall craft.

Where is Brooke Morosca Now?

After completing the standard two years (2018-2020) – with her final one being marred by COVID towards the end – Brooke Morosca parted ways with Navarro College for good. The former Cheer Athletics and Next Level Cheerleading gym athlete is still a proud alum of the Corsicana school, but she has since moved on to join the University of Tennessee. The Disney fanatic (something she shared with her father) is actually in the Disney College Program for 2021-2022. We should also mention that she seems to be in a healthy long-term relationship with Nick Dalton, a fellow University of Tennessee student, right now.

After ‘Cheer’ season 2 premiered, Brooke took to Instagram to thank everyone for their kindness and give additional insight into her story. “Your support and love means the absolute world to me,” she penned. “This season was hard for me to watch and relive some of those hard moments I experienced during my time at Navarro. I struggled a lot behind the cameras with both my mental and physical health, but did my best to stay positive for myself and my team. That being said… I’m forever grateful for my time at Navarro as it was an incredible experience… but it also helped me realize that at the end of the day my mental and physical health is more important than any sport.”

Brooke further said, “If anyone is going through something similar, PLEASE remember that your self worth is NOT tied to cheerleading, or any sport. You are so much more than that one aspect of your life, and you deserve to treat yourself with kindness, respect, and love. I’m still working on my own mental health journey but have come so far from the person I was.”

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