Danielle Sepsy: Where is The Big Brunch’s Chef Now?

Image Credit: Danielle Sepsy/Instagram

Created by ‘Schitt’s Creek’ fame Dan Levy, HBO Max’s ‘The Big Brunch‘ brings together a few promising talents from the culinary industry and has them compete against each other in a series of brunch-themed challenges. While the challenges get increasingly difficult as the season progresses, one chef is eliminated after every episode. Eventually, the last person standing is crowned the winner and awarded significant prize money along with bragging rights.

Chef Danielle Sepsy wowed all with her expertise and never-give-up attitude during her appearance on ‘The Big Brunch’ season 1. Although she seemingly started slow, Danielle soon picked up speed and proved that she deserved her place in the contest, competing against the best. Nevertheless, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out where Danielle is at present, shall we?

Chef Danielle Sepsy’s The Big Brunch Journey

Born and brought up in a large Italian family, Danielle Sepsy discovered her passion for cooking at a very young age. Although she watched her close ones prepare traditional dishes and helped them out whenever she could, Danielle always wanted to experiment with different spices and ingredients. Thankfully, her mother and father were quite supportive of her inquisitive nature and allowed her to experiment to her heart’s content. They even encouraged her to chase after her dreams, and Danielle remains grateful to them for their contribution to her success.

Eventually, Danielle realized that cooking was her one true calling and started a business selling scones at the young age of 13. Her love for cooking gradually evolved. After graduating high school, Danielle trained as a professional chef before going on to start her catering and baked goods company, The Hungry Gnome. On the show, Danielle experienced a slow beginning, and her performance in the first challenge did not catch the judges’ eyes. However, with the level of the competition being quite high, Danielle pulled herself together and was determined to prove herself as a force to be reckoned with.

She ultimately stood out as an excellent chef in the second challenge. It only went uphill since then as Danielle produced one incredible dish after the other, leaving the judges seriously impressed. Although the chef-cum-entrepreneur didn’t end up winning any of the initial three challenges, the judges took note of her skills and asked her to stick to baking, which is her area of expertise. From the looks of it, Danielle seemed like a worthy challenger for the title, and the positive reinforcement from the judges only pushed her to do better.

Chef Danielle Sepsy is Focusing on Her Catering Business Now

Chef Danielle Sepsy is quite popular on social media and often posts her delicious recipes for her fans to follow. She even has a popular YouTube channel where she shares a few of her popular baking and cooking tutorials, along with the occasional vlog. An alum of Penn State University and The International Culinary Center, it has been reported that Danielle managed and worked at several top-end restaurants in and around New York City, which helped her build experience and confidence in her field.

Moreover, you will be surprised to learn that Danielle initially started The Hungry Gnome Catering & Baked Goods from her one-bedroom apartment and only took it up full-time when she got sacked from the company she was working for at that time. Currently, Danielle resides in Garden City, New York, where she owns and operates The Hungry Gnome.

Apart from selling most of her products online, Danielle also deals in wholesale and is a pretty well-known figure in Garden City’s culinary circle. We are also happy to report that Danielle and her husband, Daniel Sepsy, celebrated their 3-year wedding anniversary in June 2022. It is heartwarming to witness their love, and we would like to wish Danielle the very best for all her future endeavors.

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