Mason Zeglen: Where is The Big Brunch’s Chef Now?

Image Credit: Mason Zeglen/Instagram

HBO Max’s ‘The Big Brunch‘ is an exciting cooking reality show that brings together some of the best talents from the culinary world and pits them against each other in a fight for glory. While the participants come from all corners of the country, they share a unified passion for cooking and face each other in a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Although each chef tries their best to pass with flying colors, judges are tasked with eliminating one contestant every episode. Eventually, the last one standing is awarded a significant prize money and the title of “Best in Brunch.”

Dan Levy, best known for his performance as David in ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ serves as the creator and host of the show that features some of the most talented chefs, including Mason Zeglen. It did not take long for the Vermont native to become a fan-favorite contestant on ‘The Big Brunch.’ Not only did he impress through his cooking skills, but viewers also adored his witty yet down-to-earth personality. However, with the spotlights now turned away from him, let’s find out where Mason Zegen is at present, shall we?

Chef Mason Zeglen’s ‘The Big Brunch Journey

An ardent lover of nature, Mason Zeglan was born and brought up by his parents in a farmhouse in Killington, Vermont. He started helping out on the farm at a young age, and the fresh produce made him fall in love with cooking. Besides, his hometown had a pretty active culinary scene, and Mason was awestruck with the presentation and flavor of each dish. That was when he decided to turn his passion into a living and earned an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and Chef’s Training from the New England Culinary Institute before stepping into the professional world as a Sous Chef at Cooking from The Heart.

However, even with Mason leading a hectic schedule, he still holds his parents responsible for his current success and tries to take time out to spend with his loved ones. Mason Zegen won everyone’s hearts on the show with his charming personality, witty quips, and cheerful disposition. However, he took the contest seriously right from the start and brought his A-game to the table. Since Mason has immense experience as a chef in the hospitality industry, he was able to perfect most of his dishes.

Moreover, he also left the judges astounded by his consistency. They even went on to praise his skills and seemingly enjoyed tasting his food. Unfortunately, there were other chefs who appeared to perform better, as Mason could not obtain the 1st position in the initial few challenges. Still, he refused to give up and soon bounced back as one of the favorites to win the title of “Best in Brunch.”

Chef Mason Zeglen Continues to Thrive in the Culinary World

Although Mason started his career in the culinary industry as a Sous Chef at Cooking From The Heart, he became the Head Chef at the Waitsfield, Vermont-based Hyde Away Inn in January 2003. Since then, the promising chef has never looked back and has exceeded all expectations in his pursuit of success. He has worked as the Head Chef in several popular restaurants, including Bozeman, Montana’s Ted’s Montana Grill, 14 North, and Barley and Vine/Revelry, before starting his own establishment, Milk & Honey Coffee Cafe in Surfside Beach, South Carolina.

Presently, Mason resides in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, where he runs the Milk & Honey Coffee Cafe. Moreover, sources claim Mason still holds the Executive Chef position at the Montana-based Barley and Vine/Revelry. Apart from cooking, the promising chef is an outdoors enthusiast and loves to go on long camping or hiking trips.

Besides, readers will be interested to know that ‘The Big Brunch’ isn’t Jason’s first foray into the entertainment industry, as he has appeared on two episodes of ‘Guy’s Grocery Games.’ Nevertheless, from the looks of it, Jason has built up a happy life for himself while being in a wonderful relationship with Alison Jeanette, and we wish him nothing but the best for the years to come.

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