Where is Clarice Filmed?

‘Clarice’ is a follow up on the events that take place after Buffalo Bill is taken down in the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, which is based on a novel of the same name by Thomas Harris. ‘Clarice’ is also a television adaptation of the book but is essentially a sequel to the movie. It introduces FBI agent Clarice Starling (Rebecca Breeds), emotionally and mentally wounded by her past experiences.

Yet, she is all geared up to solve three murders, under the supervision of Paul Krendler (Michael Cudlitz), the leader of the FBI operational program she is in. The show depicts her desire to examine a murder for what it actually is rather than adopting conventional strategies in crime-solving. It is set in Washington DC, the political epicenter of America, although we do wonder as to where it is actually filmed. Well, here’s everything we found.

Clarice Filming Locations

Principal photography for the series began in September 2020 and concluded in March 2021. The series is actually filmed in Ontario and British Columbia, miles away from where it is set in reel-life. Here are the specific details of the filming locations.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Filming for ‘Clarice’ commenced in Vancouver, British Columbia. While forestry and tourism remain its largest industries, Vancouver is also a preferred spot for filming movies and television shows, including ‘Clarice.’ It is an urban center in close proximity to a variety of available backdrops such as glimmering oceans, lush rainforests, sparkling beaches, towering mountains, and a favorable climate, which makes it highly suitable as a filming spot.

Toronto, Ontario

A few scenes were filmed in the bustling city of Toronto, known for its modern buildings and scenic horizon accessorized by the CN Tower. The city’s film and production industry have also grown over the years, with the small screen bringing in more revenue than movies ever could. Apart from big-budget Hollywood productions, its history of hosting television series productions has been the main catalyst to the Toronto film industry’s success.

It has served as a shooting site for hit shows like ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ ‘Suits‘ and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ among numerous other shows. Actors Michael Cudlitz and Lucca de Oliveira posted pictures exhibiting Toronto’s spectacular skyline during their stay in the city during filming.

Mississauga, Ontario

A few portions of the series were shot in CBS Stages Studio, situated at 1850 Matheson Boulevard East, Mississauga. Opened in 2019, the studio stands as a spacious, 260,000 square-feet state-of-the-art production center. The studio has provided extensive production space for the network’s major TV shows, including ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘Young Sheldon,’ ‘Survivor,’ and ‘The Price is Right,’ among others.

Apart from studio scenes, a few exterior shots were also filmed along Queensway in Mississauga on February 2, 2021.

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