Where is Dillon Passage Now?

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ is a thrilling journey into the life of Joe Exotic, who stands out for his many quirks, not to mention the assassination attempt of his rival Carole Baskin. Joe’s lived life by his own rules, be it in the way he raised the big cats, or how he ran his zoo.

Joe also chose to be in polyamorous relationships, almost throughout. His first husband was Brian, after which he was with Travis. It was following Travis’ demise, that Dillon Passage entered his life. Joe always said that he believed Dillon had been sent to his life, so he would not be alone. Since Dillon was the last of Joe’s known partners before the latter was apprehended by the law, you might be wondering where he is now. We have got you covered in that regard.

Who is Dillon Passage?

When Joe met Dillon Passage, he was 22 years old. The former zookeeper spoke about the resident of Austin, Texas, saying, Dillon just texted him out of nowhere. It took Joe a day and a half to convince him to go out to dinner with Joe. After that, Dillon never left.

Exotic described Dillon as someone who enjoyed playing video games, smoking weed, and interacting with animals at the zoo. It appears that Dillon was pretty much the average 22-year-old. Moreover, he supported Joe’s campaign for governor and was not jealous of Joe’s feelings for his late husband, Travis. All in all, Joe felt Dillon was the most amazing person in his life.

Understandably, Dillon and Joe applied for a marriage license, 59 days after Travis’ death, in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. The marriage license was issued in Garvin County in December 2017. Local news reports suggest that the two got married on top of a mountain in Turner Falls, in a private ceremony. Apart from the couple, the preacher, Travis’ mother, and one other witness are said to have been in attendance.

The public ceremony was held on March 3rd, 2018, with the color-theme being sky blue and Buckskin, representing Oklahoma, and nondiscrimination. The theme of the wedding was “A Love Story”. Notably, according to the marriage license, Dillon seems to be from Belton, not Austin.

Despite Joe’s married life being in a seemingly happy place, his professional life was in disarray. Having funneled quite a bit of the zoo’s money, into his campaign, and buying Dillon expensive gifts like a Ford Mustang, Joe fell out with his partner, Jeff Lowe. As a result, he left with Dillon, to Yukon, west of Oklahoma City. There, the two stayed on a 6-acre property, costing them $2,000 in rent.

Where is Dillon Passage Now?

As you already know, Dillon and Joe would pretend to flee to Belize, while they were actually in Gulf Breeze, Florida. In fact, you can check out one of Dillon’s images from this time. Joe is careful to mention in his Instagram post that Dillon convinced him to make Belize their home.


We know that Joe was subsequently arrested. However, he seems to have maintained close contact with Dillon throughout, because his trial proved that he’d conducted the sale of a lion’s head, through Dillon, while he was in prison.

From a June 22, 2019, report, it is clear that Dillon and Joe remain married. However, the latter seems averse to giving up the former’s current location. Dillon too refused to speak to the reporter. Due to this desire to maintain privacy, from all sides, not much else is known about the current whereabouts of Dillon Passage. One must respect the individual’s wishes, and keep it that way.

However, we do know from Joe’s trial, that Dillon was living in Texas at the time, and Joe arranged that the money from film rights to his life, would go to Dillon so that he was looked after. In the docuseries, we see Passage driving a Chevrolet vehicle while speaking to Exotic on the phone. It is clear that Dillon still loves Joe and is in constant touch with him.

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