Drew Reebof: Where is How to Get Rich Star Now?

If you have been wondering how to enjoy your own “rich life,” Netflix’s ‘How To Get Rich‘ might be right up your alley. The reality show follows New York Times bestselling author and self-proclaimed financial guru Ramit Sethi as he travels around the United States, meeting clients and advising them on managing their finances. Besides, Ramit believes everyone should cut unnecessary expenses while splurging on the things they love, allowing them to enjoy life. Season 1 of the show introduces us to numerous interesting people, including Chicago resident Drew Reebof Refky. Best known by his stage name, Duke LeSling, he is an enthusiastic Drag Performer who wanted help with his finances.

Who is Drew Reebof Refky?

A resident of Chicago, Illinois, Drew Reebof Refky is an enthusiastic Drag Performer popularly known by his stage name Duke LeSling. Although he had a day job as a full-time server at a restaurant, it did not provide him enough income to live a comfortable life. On the other hand, drag has always been Drew’s most significant passion since he feels the most confident in a drag costume. Thus, the show revealed that he would perform at several Chicago events and restaurants, contributing to his monthly income.

When Ramit took charge of Drew’s finances, he immediately found a shocking amount of credit card debt. On top of it, the Chicago resident did not have proper financial planning, as most of his income was in the form of hard cash; the drag performer was living paycheck to paycheck. However, readers would be surprised to know that even though Drew did not have a retirement plan or pension account, his dog, Gigi, had his own checking account. This made Ramit realize that Drew needed to sort out his priorities primarily before embarking on a journey toward a rich life.

Besides the monetary trouble, Drew had another major problem: he was not truthful about his financial condition with his fiance, Mikey. Although the latter was his most significant financial support, he believed the drag performer was on top of his bills and credit card debts. Yet, Ramit soon realized Drew had fallen back on his payments and was too scared to tell Mikey the truth.

Since trust is the most critical thing among partners, Ramit initially encouraged Drew to be honest with Mikey before helping him set up a plan to pay off his credit card debts. Additionally, he urged him to find a better-paying job that would free up money for him to use elsewhere. Although bringing the Chicago resident’s life back on track was quite daunting, it was heartwarming to witness how he and Ramit connected throughout the season, with Drew even joking about the financial expert being his “drag daughter.”

Drew Reebof Refky is Still Performing

We are happy to report that Drew Reebof Refky is now happily married to Mikey, and the two have built a wonderful life in Chicago, along with their dog, Gigi. On top of it, he has since gained control of his finances by paying off some of his credit card debts and changing his dog’s checking account to a high-yield savings account. Besides, Drew now makes financial contributions to their family, strengthening his and Mikey’s marriage.

Readers will be happy to know that Drew has kept his passion for drag alive as he still performs at several events and restaurants in and around Chicago. Additionally, he is a vocal advocate for victims of discrimination and dreams of the world being equal for all. It is beautiful to witness Drew turn his financial decisions around, and we wish him the best for the years to come.

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