Where is Elijah Stone? Did Brandon Jay McLaren Return to The Rookie?

The fourth season of ABC’s police procedural seriesThe Rookie’ follows Wesley Evers’ association with crime lord Elijah Stone. Wesley joins Elijah’s crime empire as his attorney, only for the former to make him do deeds the lawyer doesn’t want to do at all. In the sixth episode of the fifth season, Elijah’s new lawyer Monica moves forward with the deposition of Wesley. She challenges the credibility of the evidence the lawyer, who was also her ex-fiancé, has collected to build a case against the crime lord. As Elijah’s name resurfaces in Wesley’s life, the viewers must be intrigued to know whether Brandon Jay McLaren is back on the show. Let us share the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

A Setback for the Prosecution: Elijah Walks Free

In the fourth season of the show, Wesley struggles with choosing between his principles and ethics. Since he doesn’t want to feel guilty about the criminal deeds he has to do for Elijah, the lawyer thinks about opening up about the crime lord to the authorities, specifically his wife LAPD Detective Angela Lopez. Since he is obliged to keep his client’s affairs confidential as an attorney, he thinks about the way forward for a while. Ultimately, he contacts the authorities through Lopez and becomes their spy. He wears a wire and plays an important role in the authorities’ efforts to capture the crime lord. In the ninth episode of season 4, the authorities arrest Elijah with the help of Wesley.

In the sixth episode of season 5, Elijah’s lawyer challenges the credibility of Wesley’s evidence since his wife Lopez is the one who led the investigation. She raises doubts over the joint investigation of a husband and wife, especially when any formal investigation should have happened outside the personal lives of the officers involved. Monica’s arguments and claims force the State to drop its case against Elijah, making him a free man. Does that mean Brandon Jay McLaren is back on the show? Let’s find out.

Brandon Jay McLaren Makes a Return to The Rookie

Yes, Brandon Jay McLaren did return to ‘The Rookie’ as Elijah Stone. After the authorities have dropped their case against him, Elijah becomes a free man. He pays a visit to Wesley to show his victory over the attorney. The crime lord doesn’t forget to remind him how he cannot be defeated even if Wesley has law enforcement at his disposal. Their encounter is also an indication that Elijah hasn’t done with Wesley yet. By meeting the attorney, Elijah most likely is proclaiming how he is back to Wesley’s life, possibly to make the latter pay for his betrayal.

In the upcoming episodes, we may see Elijah targeting Wesley to exact his revenge on the latter. If that’s the case, Lopez may need to team up with her colleagues to bring down the crime lord with conclusive and irrefutable evidence. While Elijah possibly starts to haunt her husband, Lopez likely will be busy digging deep into the criminal’s past to build a new case against him. Elijah may also replace Wesley with Monica completely, possibly making her do the deeds Wesley didn’t want to do. If that’s the case, her life may get threatened when she doesn’t fulfill his commands. To protect his ex-fiancée, Wesley may need to step up against Elijah as well.

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