Elizabeth: Intervention Cast Member is Aiming For Recovery Today

A&E’s reality TV show, ‘Intervention’ focuses on individuals who are struggling with various forms of addiction, such as drug or alcohol abuse, and are at a point where they need professional help to overcome their issues. The 22nd season of the show offers an intimate look into the lives of these individuals, their struggles with addiction, and the emotional journeys they undertake on the path to recovery.

The tenth episode of the season focuses on Elizabeth’s journey and explores the challenges she faced in her life that led her down a dangerous path of addiction. Her loved ones are determined to help her on the road to recovery, but it’s a difficult journey. Since her appearance in the season, viewers have become curious about Elizabeth’s current situation.

Elizabeth’s Intervention Journey

Elizabeth’s life has been filled with challenges right from the start. Raised alongside her maternal half-sister Ami, her parents were never married. Her mother struggled with mental illness and addiction, leading to unpredictable mood swings. Elizabeth remembers how difficult it was to be around her mother during those tumultuous times and she was in and out of foster homes since she was 5. When Elizabeth was just 8 years old, her mother took her own life. Unable to cope with the responsibility of raising her alone, her father made the heartbreaking decision to place Elizabeth and her sister Ami in foster homes and they incidentally got separated.

Elizabeth’s experience in her first foster home was far from pleasant, as she endured mistreatment at the hands of her foster parents. Recognizing the distress his daughter was facing, her father took action and rented a house, working tirelessly as a taxi driver to ensure Elizabeth could live with him. However, his long working hours often left her alone at home, and she faced challenges in making friends at school. From a young age, she began to struggle academically, skipping classes and engaging in risky behaviors such as drinking and partying with individuals much older than herself.

As Elizabeth neared the end of her high school years, she had already become entangled with cocaine. It was during this challenging time that her schoolteacher, Rick, and his wife reached out to help her. They welcomed her into their lives, providing much-needed support and guidance. Elizabeth still regards them as her godparents and believes that their assistance made a significant difference during that period. However, when she graduated from high school, another wave of isolation hit her as her sister Ami decided to move to Australia to pursue a career in business management, leaving Elizabeth with a sense of abandonment once more.

As Elizabeth reached the age of 22, she relapsed into drug addiction, eventually turning to the highly potent and dangerous drug fentanyl. To counter the sedative effects of fentanyl, she began using cocaine concurrently. By 2020, her daily expenditure on drugs skyrocketed to $400, pushing her into a situation where she needed to distribute drugs herself to support her addiction. This alarming turn of events, coupled with her close association with drug dealers, deeply worried her family. They were concerned not only about the kind of life she was leading but also about her safety. With the guidance of Geri Bemister, her family and close friends decided to stage an intervention to help her find a way out of her lifestyle.

Elizabeth’s intervention proved to be highly volatile and emotionally charged. Initially, she resisted coming to the intervention room, leaving on the pretext of running an errand. When the intervention group approached her, she candidly expressed her feelings of isolation and a lack of safety that had plagued her life. In a separate conversation with Geri, Elizabeth revealed her concerns about having money to give to certain individuals and also expressed worry for her dog. After some persuasive and heartfelt conversations, Elizabeth ultimately agreed to accept the help that was being offered to her.

Where is Elizabeth Now?

In 2021, Elizabeth began her treatment journey at the Top of The World Ranch, but she left the facility after just 10 days. She made a promise to return, and she did keep her word by rejoining for a 90-day program. However, she faced challenges during her stay and left one month into the program. It became evident to program directors and caregivers that it might not have been the right environment for her at that time.

Elizabeth faced legal troubles when she was arrested and charged with drug possession. As of 2021, she is residing with her father while awaiting trial for her case. The producers of the 22nd installment remain hopeful that once her legal matters are resolved, she will choose to return to treatment to continue her path to recovery. Elizabeth has expressed a strong desire to work with dogs, particularly in the training of police dogs, and we sincerely hope she gets the opportunity to follow her passion and build a brighter future for herself.

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