Tiger King: Where is Erik Cowie Now?

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ tells us the nearly unbelievable tale of Joe Exotic, his zoo, and the politics among big cat owners. The docuseries has got everything, murder, mayhem, and snarling tigers. At the center of it all is Joe Exotic’s zoo. It serves as Exotic’s domain, and the running of the zoo is what attracts attention, as well as Joe’s enemies.

However, Joe’s zoo also served as a home to people from rougher walks of life who needed a second chance. Joe was always willing to open his doors to anyone who wanted to give honest living a chance and didn’t mind working around animals, including big cats. Among Joe’s employees was Erik Cowie, whose account in the docuseries, is exceptionally frank.

You might be wondering where Cowie is at present, and we have got you covered in that regard.

Who is Erik Cowie?

Erik Cowie first read about the opening in Exotic’s zoo, on Craigslist. Once he joined, he quickly made his way to the position of the head zookeeper. By the time of Exotic’s trial, Cowie had been an employee of the Greater Wynnewood Animal Park for five years. During his time at the zoo, Cowie had been in charge of the tigers named Samson, Delilah, Lauren, Trinity, and Cuddles.

He was also one of the witnesses called to testify during Exotic’s trial. Cowie spoke of how Joe killed the older tigers to make cage space for new animals. He said, “I knew cats were getting shot. Because we discussed it all day or for even a day or two beforehand on the radio. ‘Are these breeders? Does this one produce cubs?’.”

It is clear that the death of the tigers took a toll on Cowie, but he went along with it for a while. He said, “I knew what was going on. I’m [not] stupid. I knew cats were getting shot.”

Where is Erik Cowie Now?

It appears that Erik remains an employee of the zoo. At one point in the docuseries, we’d seen him flipping burgers at an Oklahoma restaurant. According to his LinkedIn account, it seems that Erik has worked as a chef at Michael’s Grill, located at 2824 W Country Club Dr, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

However, a follow-up episode, titled ‘The Tiger King and I’ has clarified that Erik is now the head zookeeper. He’s employed by Jeff and Lauren. He claims to have not had time to see ‘Tiger King’. Erik has also stated that working for Jeff is much easier than working for Joe since the former is a more relaxed guy.

In a candid and open interview, Erik also states that he doesn’t have any addictions now. Contrary to popular opinion, he is not into substance abuse because he values his sleep. However, Erik does mention being addicted to alcohol at one time in his life. It is clear that Erik remains in his old job, but he likes the new management much more.

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