Where Is FBoy Island’s Michael Dakessian Now?

Image Credit: Michael Dakessian/Instagram

While ‘FBoy Island’ is touted as a dating reality show with an interesting twist, it goes on to test if love and a proper connection can help FBoys reform themselves. As evident from the title, the show borrows its name from the colloquial slang “F–kboys” and primarily revolves around three single ladies who are asked to look for their perfect partners from a group of men. However, in actuality, half of the male contestants are nice guys, while the other half are FBoys, who are in it for the thrill and money.

While it is interesting to see if the ladies can determine the kind of guy they are after, one should note that an FBoy will not hesitate to keep the prize money to himself if chosen as the winner. Upon his introduction, Michael Dakessian had huge aspirations about his time in season 2. Unfortunately, he was unable to impress either of the single ladies and spent most of his time trying to warm up to Tamaris. Yet, once Michael got eliminated in episode 3, viewers were surprised to discover that he had entered the show as an FBoy and even had a girlfriend. Well, let’s dig in deep and find out more, shall we?

Who Is Michael Dakessian?

Although Michael Dakessian hails from Howell, New Jersey, he is pretty proud of his Armenian roots. He is quite close to his family. As a professional martial arts specialist, Michael holds a black belt in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is also responsible for teaching it to others. Besides, he has also competed as an MMA fighter and seems to lead an active and healthy lifestyle currently.

Moreover, while the Howell resident is a sea person and loves to jet-ski, he hoped the show would provide him with thrilling experiences that are much different from everyday life. Unfortunately, his time on the show wasn’t successful, as none of the ladies seemed interested in him during the initial introduction. However, Michael was quite taken with Tamaris Sepulveda and tried his best to impress her.

Nevertheless, he was visibly upset when she chose Tom Carnifax over him and went so far as to make fun of Tom in front of the cameras. Surprisingly, when Nicky P. got eliminated at the end of episode 2, he claimed that Michael already had a girlfriend back home, which naturally rattled the cast. Although Michael denied it fervently, the ladies could not trust him anymore, so Michael was eliminated at the end of episode 3.

Where Is Michael Dakessian Now?

When Michael got eliminated at the end of episode 3, he startled the rest of the contestants by revealing that he had been on the show as an FBoy. He also stated that Nicky P. was right, as he did have a girlfriend back home and was very much in love with her. Since exiting the show, Michael seems to have settled back into everyday life and is busy furthering his career as a martial arts specialist.

From the looks of it, Micheal quite enjoys his time at the gym and loves keeping his followers updated about his pretty active lifestyle. Besides, he currently divides his time between Howell, New Jersey, and Houston, Texas, and we wish him the very best in all his future endeavors.

Who Is Micheal Dakessian’s Girlfriend?

Although Micheal mentioned that he had a girlfriend on the show, he prefers to be quite private regarding his personal life and hasn’t seemed to have mentioned her anywhere in the public sphere. However, there is nothing to suggest a possible breakup. Hence, we can safely assume that the professional martial arts specialist is still dating but prefers to keep his relationship under wraps.

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