Florian Krapf: Where is the Model From Physical 100 Now?

Since it first aired on Netflix, ‘Physical: 100‘ has garnered a massive fan following thanks to its captivating and thrilling format. The Korean reality show has welcomed many fitness enthusiasts whose physiques were enough to have jaws dropping. Model Florian Krapf’s appearance in the show was no different as he tried to ensure his position in the competition in any way possible. His performance, combined with his skills and good looks, helped him again many fans who could not help but be eager to know everything about the reality TV participant.

Who is Florian Krapf?

Born on December 17, 1992, Florian is a German citizen by birth. Apparently, he was previously named Markus Florian Krapt and grew up in Weiden, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. While proud of his German roots, Florian seems to take immense pleasure in being able to participate in the culture of his current country of residence, South Korea. Not only is the reality TV star fluent in Korean, but he also speaks English and German.

For some time, Florian has been living in Seoul, South Korea, and works as a model. Over the years, he has partnered up with a variety of companies like IronMaxx and often promotes the variety of products available by these brands. Additionally, his job as a model has paved his path to be featured in various publications that certainly seem impressed by Florian’s well-maintained physique. The entertainment artist is also known to work as an actor when a suitable opportunity comes his way.

Stepping into ‘Physical: 100,’ Florian was highly impressed by his competitors and the show itself. The grandeur and meticulousness of the series have led to being dubbed as real-life ‘Squid Games,’ and Florian was eager to win the first season of the show. However, for the first quest, he had to fight against ZakTa, a well-known athlete. Though the fight was far simple and booth parties gave it their all, Florian had to leave the competition after shattering the likeness of his torso as ZakTa ended up completing the task successfully.

Florian Krapf is in a Long-Term Relationship Today

Presently, Florian is more than happy with his reality TV appearance and has been happily promoting the series via social media. Despite his relatively early exit, the reality TV star only had kind words to say about his time on the show. “In Life, winning and losing will both happen. What is never acceptable is quitting,” he quoted in an Instagram post while talking about his last match on the Netflix show. His fans were understandably disappointed to see him leave but are eager to see what else the German model has in store for them.

As it turns out, Florian is also an online content creator. His eponymous YouTube channel has over 40 thousand subscribers, and the reality TV star posts videos about a variety of topics on there. His Instagram page has over 84 thousand followers, and Florian uses the platform to promote brands like Mula Wear and Harbinger Korea. Recently, the model was featured in Leo, a German magazine, and has been over the moon about the development.

Additionally, Florian is in a long-term relationship with Chaeri Shin, with whom he often posts pictures on his social media. No matter what kind of happy news the reality TV star has to share with the world, he never fails to include his partner in the joy of his success and constantly showers her with compliments and affection. The public certainly cannot get enough of this beautiful couple and often take to the comment section to relay their well-wishes.

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