Where is Gotham Knights Filmed?

Image Credit: Amanda Mazonkey/The CW

Based on the characters from DC Comics by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, The CW’s ‘Gotham Knights’ is a superhero action series developed by Natalie Abrams, Chad Fiveash, and James Stoteraux for television. The narrative revolves around the aftermath of Bruce Wayne’s murder, for which his own adopted son Turner Hayes is framed. With the relentless District Attorney Harvey Dent and the entire GCPD on his trail, Turner must turn to his best friend Stephanie Brown and a few other children of Batman’s enemies for help.

As the newly formed team of mismatched fugitives work together to discover the mystery behind Bruce Wayne’s death, they come across an evil force that looms large in Gotham City. The familiar dark visuals associated with Gotham City are maintained in all the shots of ‘Gotham Knights,’ with the filming unit setting up camp in suitable sites that double perfectly for the eerie and crime-filled fictional city. So, if you are eager to learn where ‘Gotham Knights’ is filmed, allow us to fill you in on all the details about the same!

Gotham Knights Filming Locations

‘Gotham Knights’ is filmed in Ontario and Georgia, especially in Toronto, Hamilton, and Atlanta. The shooting for the pilot of the superhero series began in April 2022 and concluded in early May 2022. After the show got picked up in the same month, principal photography for the rest of the season commenced in September 2022 and wrapped up in February 2023. Now, without wasting any of your time, let us take you through the streets of Gotham City and give you a detailed account of all the specific sites that stand in for the fictional city!

Toronto, Ontario

For shooting the pilot of ‘Gotham Knights,’ the production team set up camp in Toronto, utilizing various neighborhoods and streets across the city. For instance, locals and passers-by spotted the cast and crew members shooting several key portions for the pilot around The Keg Steakhouse + Bar at 165 York Street as GCPD cars were parked just outside, Drake One Fifty at 150 York Street (permanently closed), and seemingly Cactus Club Cafe First Canadian Place at 77 Adelaide Street West.

Furthermore, the campus of the University of Toronto at 27 King’s College Circle is featured in a few sequences of the pilot episode. Some exterior shots of Gotham City were also lensed on Adelaide Street West. Providing a diversity of settings and neighborhoods, Toronto serves as a suitable filming site to mimic various American cities as well as fictional places like Gotham City.

Hamilton, Ontario

Several prominent scenes for the pilot of ‘Gotham Knights’ were also taped in the port city of Hamilton, located just 28 miles southwest of Toronto. The funeral scene of Bruce Wayne seen in the pilot episode was reportedly shot on location in the Hamilton Cemetery at 777 York Boulevard. The filming unit also utilized various other locales across the city to record pivotal portions for the pilot, including Strathcona Avenue South, Summer’s Lane, King Street East near John Street North, and The Cotton Factory at 270 Sherman Avenue North.

Atlanta, Georgia

Although the pilot was filmed entirely in Ontario, the production team move to Atlanta to tape most of ‘Gotham Knights’ as it is not uncommon for shows to relocate to new locations after shooting the pilot, due to financial or creative reasons. From what we can gather, apart from shooting several scenes on location, the cast and crew seemingly also utilize the facilities of one of the many film studios, mainly for shooting the action sequences. After all, the city is home to a number of top-class film studios, including Tyler Perry Studios, Areu Bros. Studios, Trillith Studios, and EUE/Screen Gems Studio.

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