Where Is Head of the Class Filmed?

Written by Amy Pocha and Seth Cohen, ‘Head of the Class’ is a sitcom on HBO Max. It follows Alicia Adams, a high-school teacher with unconventional ways and methodologies. When she joins Meadows Creek High School, Alicia encounters a group of overachieving students whose life experience is limited and stagnant. The series progresses through Alicia’s attempts to make them go through the nuances of life that are beyond the boundaries of academics.

Based on the eponymous show by Richard Eustis and Michael Elias, ‘Head of the Class’ is a heartening series that succeeds in portraying the subtle conflicts of the adolescent years within the delights of the comedy genre. Fascinated by the stylish school setting of the show, we got curious to know where ‘Head of the Class’ is filmed and if the location is indeed an actual school. Let’s take a look at what we found!

Head of the Class Filming Locations

HBO Max ordered the ten-episode season in March 2021, and the filming of the first season reportedly commenced in June 2021. The team wrapped production on September 11, 2021. The show seems to be filmed in a production facility with a few exterior shots. Here are the details about the filming locations!

Burbank, California

‘Head of the Class’ is filmed in the city of Burbank in Los Angeles County. The sitcom is taped at the Warner Bros. Studio that is situated at 4000 Warner Boulevard. The studio is one of the most eminent production facilities in the world. It consists of 37 sound stages, along with 4.2 million square feet of production office space across 142 acres of property. The production crew of the show designed the set of Meadows Creek High School in the studio itself.

Warner Bros. Studios is an integral part of American film and television history as it is home to some of the iconic locations and sets used for the production of highly celebrated projects. Films like ‘La La Land,’ ‘Dunkirk,’ ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ were filmed in the studio. With respect to television shows, the facility has hosted the production of ‘Friends,’ ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and more.

Warner Bros. Studios also offers a studio tour for film and television enthusiasts, where people can visit some of the awe-inspiring sets and exteriors that were used in famous projects. As a part of the tour, one can visit the interactive sound stages, the Central Perk set of ‘Friends,’ and get involved in other exciting activities. Due to its legacy and facilities, Warner Bros. Studios is undisputedly one of the best in the business.

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