Where is Holiday Wars Filmed?

Image Credit: Sean Rosenthal/Food Network

Food Network’s ‘Holiday Wars’ is a baking competition show that features teams of confectioners and bakers from all over America. For the prize money of $25,000, teams of cake and sugar artists bake exquisite and appealing delights with innovation and creativity that display the high spirit of the holiday season. On ‘Holiday Wars,’ the contestants’ passion and talent to bring out the best cakes is tested and rewarded all on a marvelous sparkling set. The vibrancy of the visuals drove us to learn more about the filming location of the reality series. Let’s take a look at what we have found!

Holiday Wars Filming Locations

Much like several other competition series, ‘Holiday Wars’ seems to be filmed at a studio facility. The filming for season 3 reportedly began in June 2021 and went on till early July 2021. Now, let us dive into the details and find out more about where the show is taped!

Park City, Utah

‘Holiday Wars’ is filmed in Park City, Utah, specifically at the Utah Film Studios. Located at 4001 Kearns Boulevard, the motion picture and television production studio is equipped with 45,000 square feet of sound stage space that offers the required facilities for premium-level filming. The studio has an additional 25,000 square feet of production office space that is divided into four suites for an enhanced filming experience. Furthermore, the projects in production at the facility are also eligible for incentives from the Utah Film Commission.


We believe that the filming for ‘Holiday Wars’ takes place on one of the sound stages at Utah Film Studios, with sets constructed by the production design department. All the stages in the studio have wood flooring, which makes the attachment of the sets simpler and more efficient. The props and other baking equipment are set up in the allotted space for the contestants to use.

The studio is also equipped with three changing rooms, a hair and makeup suite, and four break rooms for the smooth progression of filming in the facility. As one of the most technically advanced studio setups in the state, Utah Film Studios serves as a filming facility for acclaimed productions like ‘Yellowstone,’ ‘Hereditary,’ ‘Wind River,’ and ‘Blood & Oil,’ to name a few.

Utah is considered one of the best entertainment production centers in the Mountain States. Filming in the region is overseen by The Motion Picture Association of Utah (MPAU) and the Utah Film Commission. The Beehive State is also known to host the famous Sundance Film Festival.

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