I Survived Bear Grylls: All Filming Locations of the Show

TBS’ ‘I Survived Bear Grylls’ is a blend of survival and game shows hosted by the celebrated survivalist Bear Grylls and the comedian Jordan Conley. Each episode features a new set of players who must face and complete several unique challenges designed by keeping in mind Grylls’ most legendary and iconic adventures throughout his career. Instead of testing his own survival skills, he gives the country’s armchair adventurers a chance by testing their physical and mental abilities.

The last contestant standing at the end of every episode earns the right to say “I Survived Bear Grylls” and take home a significant cash prize. All the games and challenges the contestants indulge in take place in the wild, making the audience wonder where and how the production team manages to shoot ‘I Survived Bear Grylls.’ Are you interested in getting to know the details about the same? In that case, we have got you covered!

I Survived Bear Grylls Filming Locations

‘I Survived Bear Grylls’ is filmed in Georgia, specifically in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. Principal photography for the debut season of the reality series reportedly commenced in October 2022 and wrapped up in a month or so in November of the same year. Now, let’s dive right into the woods where the survival games take place and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that feature in the TBS series!

Atlanta Metropolitan Area, Georgia

Also known as Metro Atlanta, the Atlanta Metropolitan Area is the primary shooting location for ‘I Survived Bear Grylls.’ As per reports, the cast and crew members utilized the locales of the cold and rainy woods of McDonough, a city in Henry County, for taping several key scenes for season 1. The production team builds the entire set of different challenges on location in the middle of the wilderness to provide a sense of authenticity to the viewers and the contestants.

In a May 2023 interview with New York Post, Bear Grylls admitted that the challenges were not a walk in the park for the contestants and talked about the set. He said, “We did so many challenges, and it was really fun to come up with all these things, which I’ve been through in the wild many times over. In one challenge, they had to simulate a broken leg and splint it; get zapped by 50,000 volts of electricity; negotiate a mud pit with a live alligator (in it); try to retrieve a broken cellphone…this is all happening while they’re getting blasted with water and they’re in pain.”

Grylls further expanded, “We always have a huge survival team there with a lot of medics. We took people to the edge physically and mentally and emotionally — people were getting hypothermia and had close calls with other things…bows and arrows, axes.” Besides, a few locales of Atlanta can also be spotted in the survival series.

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