Where is Jamie Hodari Now?

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‘WeCrashed’ follows the rise and fall of the shared workspace company WeWork and the couple — Adam and Rebekah Neumann — at the center of it. Driven by their grand schemes and Adam’s prowess at making people believe in his vision, the company grows to meteoric heights and is soon worth billions. However, the money seems to go faster than it comes in, leading the chaotic co-founder and CEO to try and take over the entire shared workspace industry in an attempt to stomp out the competition.

Jamie Hodari is one of the first competitors Adam threatens to “crush.” After luring him to a meeting on the slick new WeWork company plane, Adam plainly informs Jamie of his plans. Considering much of the Apple TV+ show draws from real life, we got curious to see what happened to Jamie in real life. Here’s where Jamie Hodari is now.

Who is Jamie Hodari?

Jamie Hodari is the Co-Founder and CEO of Industrious, a shared workspace company with over 100 locations in the United States and an international presence in Singapore, Manchester, and London. He co-founded the company with Justin Stewart in 2012, raising $1 million to open their first location in Chicago in 2013.

Image Credit: Bloomberg Technology/YouTube

Jamie has had an intriguing career trajectory, gaining experience and valuable insight across multiple industries. The son of an Argentinian immigrant to the United States who was an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Jamie attended three ivy league institutions. His B.A. from Columbia University was followed by an M.P.P from Harvard and a J.D. from Yale Law School. He seemingly started his career as a reporter for the Times of India in Delhi and then moved on to project finance at the law firm Sullivan & Cromwell and analyzing investments at the hedge fund Birch Run Capital.

Jamie’s first startup, Kepler, which he initiated in 2011, runs an education program that offers affordable, high-quality education through a network of campuses and online classes. IKEA became a significant donor to the company, and it was during a meeting with the IKEA President in New York that the idea for Industrious took root. Since most of Kepler’s employees were based in Africa, the company functioned out of a shared workspace in New York. The dismal services offered gave Jamie the idea for Industrious, which he discussed with his childhood friend Justin Stewart who eventually became a co-founder.

Where is Jamie Hodari Now?

Jamie Hodari continues to be listed as the CEO of the company he co-founded and is seemingly based in the New York offices of Industrious. At around 40 years old at the time of writing this article, the entrepreneur has already garnered experience in a variety of industries and claims to always be interested in the field of education.


In late January 2020, Jamie married Natalie Papillion in New Orleans, and the couple presently lives in their home in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. According to her profile, Natalie is an entrepreneur and strategist involved in the fields of drug policy and criminal justice reform. She is currently the Executive Director (and Founder) of The Equity Organization and also a board member and Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Last Prisoner Project. Jamie revealed in an interview how he and Natalie plan on traveling and missed it during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also enjoys hiking and fishing and has, more recently, picked up a renewed interest in video games.

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