Where is Jason Brown Today?

Last Chance U‘ is the Netflix series, which shines a light on college football teams that don’t receive the same degree of attention. However, we witness the problems players face on and off the pitch, as they try to bounce back from the losses and usher the team into a new era. One of the most memorable seasons has focused on Independence Community College in Kansas. We meet Coach Jason Brown, who tries to lead the team to victory.

Junior College is the last chance for several athletes to prove themselves and turn their lives around. Having grown up in Compton, Brown could connect with these individuals. Off the field, he’d led a troubled childhood, but on the ground, Brown gained immense success at the junior college level. Jason went to play for varsity and spent some time in the NFL and Arena Football. Eventually, he returned to coaching, first at Compton City College (where he started playing), then Garden City College, and finally to Independence. He led the Kansas team to a division championship.

However, in ‘Last Chance U,’ we see the coach for the last time, resigning from Independence. Since the series has shifted focus to Laney College, you might be wondering what Brown is up to, currently. We have you covered.

Where is Jason Brown Now?

Brown resigned from his position as head coach after problematic texts between him and German student Alexandros Alexiou became public. As per Brown, Alexandros failed in his duties as a JUCO scout team player. Brown sent him a text which read, “I’m your new Hitler figure out your life.”

Once it was publicized, Independence received backlash and cut ties with Brown. However, Jason has maintained his innocence, saying it was an inside joke. People on the team called him that, and it was the cowardly act of adults that made a mountain out of a molehill. You can see his tweet at the time of his resignation.

Brown’s woes did not stop there since he was charged with a barrage of crimes in 2019. He faced four felony counts of blackmail, four felony counts of identity theft, and two misdemeanor counts of criminal false communication. Allegedly, Brown posed as a lawyer when writing cease and desist letters to the Independence Daily Reporter and Montgomery County Chronicle. He wanted them to stop running stories about a fight between Garden City and Independence players. He seems to have moved past his legal troubles for now and has launched his whiskey and cigar brand called Slapdick. Check it out here.

He also has his podcast, and offers monthly football classes for coaches and players, via Patreon. In 2019, Brown also released his book, titled ‘Hate Me Now, Love Me Later.’ It is an inside look at Brown’s journey and how college football works. You can see his post, promoting the book, and offering a personalized copy.


From Jason Brown’s stance, it is clear that he doesn’t quite regret his action. He sees it as tough love and has not paid much heed to the opinion of others. The kids are what matter to him. However, from his most recent post, we get the sense that he’s been hounded and portrayed in a bad light by the press for far too long. Brown’s not willing to take it lying down anymore. See what he has to say.


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