Where Is Jonathan Young From Survivor 42 Now?

As the name suggests, ‘Survivor‘ is a survival-themed reality show that keeps its contestants stranded on a remote island. While the ultimate goal is to survive and make it to the end, the participants are made to go through grueling challenges that test their physical and mental limits. However, just acing the challenges isn’t enough as contestants get eliminated through a voting process until the last one standing is crowned the grand winner.

Jonathan Young stepped into the limelight with his appearance on season 42 of ‘Survivor.’ Jonathan’s physique, winning mindset, and adaptability quickly presented him as a promising contestant and helped him become a finalist. But with the cameras now turned away, fans are interested in knowing where Jonathan is at present. Let’s find out!

Who Is Jonathan Young?

A native of Gadsden, Alabama, Jonathan Young was 29 years old at the time of filming. He grew up alongside at least one other sibling in a close-knit family and has maintained a solid bond with his loved ones to this very day. Moreover, Jonathan appears to be grateful to his parents and has hailed them as one of the most significant reasons behind his success.

Right from a young age, Jonathan was interested in an outdoorsy life. In fact, at the age of 14, he competed in the sixth season of the adventure reality show ‘Endurance,’ where he finished in the third position. The love of adventure remained embossed in Jonathan’s young mind, and he began training himself as an athlete, with a particular emphasis on swimming.

By the time Jonathan finished being homeschooled and entered college, he had almost perfected his swimming skills. Hence, while studying at the University of Alabama, he earned a place on the university swimming team. Apparently, swimming in his university days taught him discipline and life skills. Moreover, it gave him the experience of training alongside world-class athletes and coaches.

After graduating from university, Jonathan maintained his physique and continued working on his swimming skills, which contributed significantly to his success on ‘Survivor’ season 42. Viewers will also be surprised to know that apart from being an exemplary athlete, Jonathan holds the Guinness World Record for doing the most number of pushups with 100 pounds of weight on his back. It is an incredible achievement that stands as testimony to his peak physical fitness.

While on ‘Survivor,’ Jonathan used his physicality to breeze through the challenges. Moreover, he also exhibited a certain kind of charm and amicability that won people over and helped him become a popular member of the group. Besides, he seemed ready to extend a helping hand to other cast members and did not belittle anyone behind their backs. All these qualities made him a favorable contender, and Jonathan was easily able to make his way into the finals.

Where Is Jonathan Young Now?

Now that filming has wrapped, Jonathan has fallen back into his daily routine and is enjoying time away from the cameras. While he describes himself as an athlete and bodyguard, the ‘Survivor’ contestant owns a beach services company based out of Gulf Shores, Alabama. The business rents out beach equipment and even offers kayaking and paddling services.

At the same time, Jonathan is very much into social work. He started the not-for-profit organization called Young Strength with the aim to support people and help them find their purpose in life. It is evident that the fitness enthusiast and reality television personality engages in social work in the United States of America and abroad. Witnessing Jonathan work hard to achieve his dreams is truly inspiring, and we cannot wait to learn what he does next.

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