Where Is Jude’s Father, Gabriel, in Night Sky?

Image Credit: Chuck Hodes/Amazon Prime Video

In its first season, Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Night Sky’ offers glimpses of its expansive universe. While the story predominantly revolves around the elderly couple Irene and Franklin York (Sissy Spacek and J. K. Simmons), the show has a set of strong supporting characters. Arguably the most prominent among them is Jude (Chai Hansen), the enigmatic guest of the Yorks. In time, he reveals that he has come to find his father, Gabriel. If you are wondering where Gabriel is at the end of the first season of ‘Night Sky,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where Is Jude’s Father, Gabriel?

Both Gabriel and Jude were members of the most secretive and powerful cult in the world. It is revealed that the chambers like the one in Irene and Franklin’s property are found in various locations. The cult controls most of them. Several years earlier, Gabriel came to Farnsworth, Illinois, using the chambers. Since then, he has been on the run. The cult has named him an apostate. It’s quite ironic, given that Jude’s mother is a high-ranking member of the cult.

Jude escapes the cult through the chambers as well. Irene finds him in the room on the alien planet and brings him home. Remembering how she has lost her son, Irene devotes herself to getting Jude healthy. However, Franklin remains suspicious of the boy for most of the series.

Image Credit: Chuck Hodes/Amazon Prime Video

After learning his reasons for coming to Farnsworth, Irene agrees to help Jude find his father. Jude only has a Polaroid photo of Gabriel. Using it, they confirm that Gabriel was indeed in Farnsworth. He was arrested in 2005 for loitering in the park. After Denise, Franklin and Irene’s granddaughter, joins the search, they discover that Gabriel hitched a ride out of town on a truck. Although the trucker has passed away, they speak to his son, who knows about the encounter. From him, Jude and the others learn that Gabriel was dropped off in Enfield, Michigan.

When Jude, Irene, and Denise visit the exact location where the truck driver left Gabriel, they discover that it’s a bed and breakfast establishment run by a woman named Hannah. She claims that Gabriel was there for a while, and they grew close during this period. Ultimately, he moved away. She lets Jude stay in the same room that his father once occupied. There, Jude discovers that his father wrote the codes he needs to find him on a note left inside a copy of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’ Toward the end of the season, Jude decides to continue searching for his father, and Denise joins him. They enter the code on the machine and end up in Bangkok, Thailand.

Given the revelation that Hannah is also an apostate and heads an organization that opposes the cult, Gabriel’s visit and stay there weren’t by chance. Hannah probably knows what the book contains and ensures that Jude finds it. By all indications, it seems that Gabriel is indeed in Bangkok, and Jude is very close to finding his father.

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