Kalysta Mallory: Where is the Love Allways Contestant Now?

‘Love Allways’ is a Paramount+ series that sets itself apart from all other dating shows with its unique choice of cast and concept. Featuring a pansexual woman as the main bachelorette in the first season, the show features a variety of people who bring in their own brand of entertainment. The same holds for Kalysta Mallory, who quickly became one of the more iconic contestants on the show with her personality and good looks. If you are one of her fans and are eager to learn where the reality TV star is these days, worry not because we have your back!

Kalysta Mallory’s Love Allways Journey

As soon as she entered the competition, Kalysta caught everyone’s attention. Her first conversation with bachelorette Lexi Paloma was undoubtedly fascinating, creating an impression with ease of her sexuality. In fact, out of the participating 13, she was one of the only three people who were specially mentioned in a positive light by Lexi at the end of the night, effectively saving her from elimination and making her one of the top contenders.

With each passing day, Kalysta created a unique space for herself and was never shy about sharing her opinions. With her team winning the second challenge, she went on a group date with Lexi and deepened her connection with her. Even for the next challenge, where everyone had to create Instagram moments with the latter, Kalysta pulled all the stops and ensured the experience would be unforgettable.

Not long afterward, the time came for all the contestants and Lexi to play some game, slowly resulting in some astounding revelations. However, nothing stirred as much as Kalysta stating that Jayme Aiden was not on the show for the right reasons. She also jokingly called Rylin Utah a liar, which created much stir given the latter’s previous interactions with Luis Diaz. After the game, Kalysta talked to Rylin about how she did not think that the latter was ready to be in a relationship and was quite frank that she considered herself the best option.

With the elimination of Brian Batesy, Kalysta felt like she had lost a friend. Not long after, her words to Rylin reached Lexi, who was shocked by some of the statements. As time passed, Kalysta’s cavalier approach towards her possibly having hurt others emotionally did not sit well with Lexi, landing her in the bottom two alongside Jayme. After much thought, Lexi decided to unmatch her, leading to her elimination.

Kalysta Mallory is Focusing on Her Career Today

As of writing, Kalysta Mallory seems to be doing well for herself. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, she is an entrepreneur quite active in fashion and entertainment. Kalysta is also quite an advocate for sustainability. Additionally, she is a content creator who is active on platforms like Instagram and OnlyFans. She has over 6 thousand Instagram admirers and over two thousand followers on TikTok.

One of Kalysta’s most notable achievements is perhaps being featured on the front page of ‘Playboy’ New Zealand’s July 2021 edition. She is known for partnering with various brands, photographers, and fellow models for different projects and often posts about the same on her social media. As of writing, the reality TV star does not seem to be dating anyone and has been happily promoting her appearance in the Paramount+ reality show.

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