Is Kevin Kreider Dating Anyone? Who Is His Girlfriend?

Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ is a reality series that follows a group of wildly wealthy Asian and Asian American individuals residing in Los Angeles as they experience their fun-filled day-to-day lives of partying, glamour, and high drama. Advanced as ‘Crazy Rich Asians‘ meets ‘Selling Sunset,’ this hybrid series offers us a glimpse of life in extreme affluence. But to tone down the wealth and stiffness that can sometimes be prominent in a group like this, there is Kevin Kreider, a Korean who grew up in Philadelphia with an ordinary white family. And, we’ll be honest, the mixture of his comedic and soft-sided nature intrigued us the most.

Who Is Kevin Kreider?

Kevin Taejin Kreider is someone who almost always felt different and out of place growing up as he was mostly surrounded by a white-dominant community. According to his own account, Kevin was bullied for being Asian and had a ton of self-hatred and inferiority complexes because of that. But when he decided to transform from a shy, introverted, adopted kid to a man who preferred to take his destiny into his own hands, Kevin entered the entertainment industry, and his whole world turned upside down.

Kevin moved to New York first, where he learned the necessary skills to thrive in the fashion, modeling, and acting world. However, only when he relocated to Los Angeles did he find a group of people to call his own and fit in (even though the economic differences are still there). A major part of Kevin’s life and his self-growth is also the fact that he lost all his hair in 2012 because of an autoimmune disease called Alopecia Areata, which gets triggered through stress. Eventually, though, he managed to subdue it.

Where Is Kevin Kreider Now?

As of today, Kevin Taejin Kreider is a successful fitness and lifestyle model whose work has taken him to three different continents since 2008. He has worked in films, television, commercials, and print media, with features in Huffington Post as well as the Men’s Health Big Book of Exercise. Along with that, Kevin also works as a lifestyle coach and fitness enthusiast, helping his clients focus on their overall growth rather than just one particular aspect of it.

The Temple University graduate has taken his platform to not only build a brand for his modeling career but to also become a motivational speaker, using his personal experiences of self-image to empower others. Kevin has given a TED talk, has been invited to be the keynote speaker for a few events, and most recently, he opened up his own entertainment firm called Taejin Entertainment LLC. His documentary movie ‘The Ugly Model,’ premiered in May of 2019.

Who Is Kevin Kreider Dating?

As seen on ‘Bling Empire,’ Kevin is a natural flirt. He was hung up on Kelly Mi Li, a successful entrepreneur who is already in a relationship. However, as time passed, he slowly realized that there would be no future with the woman he pined towards for over a year and decided to move on. Subsequently, he seemed to develop a connection with Kim Lee, a well-known DJ.

However, from the looks of their respective social media platforms, it appears as if they, too, have chosen to remain just friends. After all, they’ve never directly talked about or even implied that there could be more between them. Furthermore, Kevin’s Instagram is mostly about his profession and well-being, so even if he currently does have a girlfriend, whether it be Kelly, Kim, or anyone else, we would have no clue.

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