Kim Morgan: Christopher Duntsch’s Ex-Employee Now Leads a Quiet Life

Image Credit: NBC/Dr. Death

The former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch was finally brought to justice after injuring and maiming over 30 of his patients during surgery and allegedly causing the deaths of two more. The appalling actions of the rogue surgeon and their repercussions on his unsuspecting patients were witnessed by his colleagues, many of whom were in the operating theater with him. This twisted real-life medical tale is the subject of the crime drama series ‘Dr. Death.’

Kim Morgan, who Duntsch employed to assist him, was possibly closer to the man than most others and was privy to many aspects of his inexplicable personality. Her subsequent testimony played a significant role in convicting the former surgeon to life in prison. Where might Kim be now? We decided to dig around, and here’s what we found.

Who is Kim Morgan?

Kimberly Morgan was employed by the former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch in August 2011 while he was working with the Minimally Invasive Spine Institute in Dallas, Texas. At the time, he was just beginning to set up his practice in the city, and 2 months after joining, in October 2011, she reportedly registered the articles of incorporation for his practice — the Texas Neurosurgical Institute.

Image Credit: NBC/Dr. Death

She initially described him as a genius with the potential to earn millions to her friend B.J. Ellison, and an affair soon began between Morgan and Duntsch. Later on in her testimony, she described how their “dates” were usually limited to his office at the Baylor Plano Medical Center (now called Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Plano). Morgan also visited his house, where he lived with his then-girlfriend Wendy Young and their young son Aiden. Duntsch had told Morgan that Young was his secretary and friend.

Morgan had prior clinical experience and assisted in surgeries carried out by the rogue surgeon, as was the case with patient Lee Passmore who later stated that it was clear that the two had more than a professional connection. She was also present during the surgery of Jerry Summers— Duntsch’s close friend who was left a quadriplegic after volunteering (his surgery was elective) to go under the rogue surgeon’s scalpel. Following another botched surgery for a relatively simple procedure in which the patient, Kellie Martin, bled to death, Morgan broke all personal and professional ties with Duntsch. She also filed a protective order against him in April 2012 after he showed up at her residence late at night.

Kimberley Morgan revealed how the neurosurgeon kept a bottle of vodka in his office and used substances which he referred to as “neurostimulants.” She described his conflicting personalities in front of patients (charming) and behind closed doors (belligerent) and his tendency to be grandiose. A disturbing three-page email that he sent to her at 4 a.m. in 2011 was initially suspected to be another of his egotistical rants but turned out to be a lot more as it helped prove in court just how sinister the man is.

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In it, he claimed — “Anyone close to me thinks that I likely am something between God, Einstein, and the Antichrist.” The email, in which he also mentioned that he was $1 million in debt, went on to state— “I am ready to leave the love and kindness and goodness and patience that I mix with everything else that I am and become a cold-blooded killer.” The email went a long way in proving Duntsch’s malicious intent, as did Morgan’s deposition and testimony in the case against him. Even before the trial, the contents of the email helped ensure that the rogue neurosurgeon be considered a significant liability.

Where is Kim Morgan Now?

Kimberley Morgan’s current whereabouts are largely unknown to the public since she prefers to keep those details on down low. This is understandable considering the trauma she underwent and the public scrutiny (possibly harassment) she has had to face following Duntsch’s crimes becoming known. Though we do know that sometime after breaking ties with the criminal doctor, who became publicly known as “Dr. Death,” she enlisted in the United States armed forces. Her testimony during his trial was conducted through video call, as she was reportedly stationed at an undisclosed military base at the time.

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