Where is Hunter Moore’s Ex-Girlfriend Kirra Hughes Now?

Beginning in 2010, Hunter Moore’s website became a place where people would upload pictures of their former partners without their permission in what was termed revenge porn. Netflix’s ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ chronicles how Hunter was finally brought to justice and the website was shut down, bringing relief to everyone affected. The show also featured Kirra Hughes, Hunter’s ex-girlfriend, who recounted her time with him. So, let’s find out more about Kirra then, shall we?

Who is Kirra Hughes?

Kirra Hughes was born and raised in Encinitas, a small beach town in California. She is half-Mexican and half-Welsh and had been quite independent even as a child, getting into a lot of trouble. Talking about her early life, Kirra said, “I wasn’t an easy kid to raise, just thinking about it scares me. I will never understand how my parents put up with me. That amount of patience deserves a medal. The amount of appreciation I have for them is indescribable.” According to the show, Kirra moved to San Francisco, California, when she was 18 to study fashion design.

At the time, one of Kirra’s friends took her out to a party Hunter threw. He approached her as she was about to leave, and there was an immediate attraction. The two began dating, with Kirra saying that Hunter asked her out the very next day. On the show, she mentioned that he was ambitious but impatient. One day, Hunter told Kirra about the website, and she remembered thinking it was strange; she couldn’t fully understand what was happening. But what Hunter did also led to a lot of trouble.

Charlotte Laws, whose daughter Kayla’s pictures appeared on the website, went after Hunter and ensured the FBI investigated what was happening. On the show, Kirra stated that at the time, she refused to believe that Hunter was doing something wrong, but that changed over time. At one point, Kirra came across several messages on her Facebook account. Several were threats against her and Hunter because of what Hunter did for a living. One of them was a plea from someone whose pictures were put up on the website; that person hoped to reach Hunter through Kirra and wanted the photographs taken down.

Where is Kirra Hughes Today?

In the end, Kirra Hughes stated on the show that she couldn’t take the threats and the messages anymore. So, she booked a one-way flight to New York and never looked back. Today, Kirra lives in Brooklyn, New York. While she has regular modeling assignments, she has been concentrating on being a prop designer.

Apart from that, Kirra is an artist and has talked about working on several projects simultaneously. Towards the end of 2020, Kirra mentioned in an interview that she was living with her boyfriend, Spencer Draeger, a musician and model, in an apartment in Brooklyn with their two cats. As of writing, Spencer and Kirra seem to be dating for over three years.

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