Yannick Zamboni: Where Is Making the Cut Season 3 Winner Now?

Image Credit: Yannik Zamboni/Instagram

Amazon Prime’s ‘Making The Cut’ is a competitive design reality show that brings together a group of up-and-coming fashion designers worldwide and has them battle for glory. These designers face each other in a series of specially curated challenges that test their technique and skill, among other things. Moreover, while some contestants are eliminated after each round, the last one standing is announced as the winner and awarded a massive cash prize as well as a mentorship with Amazon Fashion.

‘Making The Cut’ season 3 introduced us to the Swiss designer, Yannik Zamboni, who impressed everyone with his incredible creations. He also exhibited a charming personality, which turned him into a fan-favorite contestant. Hence, with the season now over, let’s find out where Yannik is at present, shall we?

Yannick Zamboni’s Making The Cut Journey

Yannik Zamboni is originally from a small Swiss town with a total population of about 700 people. However, growing up in such a close-knit community, he realized that he was different and wanted to do something which would change the world for the better. Interestingly, fashion design wasn’t Yannik’s first choice, as he earned a living as a model and even worked in the marketing industry. Yet, once he discovered his passion for fashion design and realized that it was his one true calling, there was no stopping him.

Image Credit: James Clark/Prime Video

The Swiss designer completed his Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland and established his fashion brand, Maison Blanche, in 2020. On the show, Yannik put his best foot forward but refused to change his design style to suit the challenge. Thus, every creation of his portrayed his unique style yet adhered to the challenge’s theme. The judges praised this combination of uniqueness and adaptability and were always in awe of his designs.

In fact, over the season, Yannik aced two challenges and was never in threat of elimination. He even appeared to be very supportive of his competitors and built an excellent bond with most of them. Ultimately, in the season finale, the president of Amazon Fashion was impressed by Yannik’s business pitch and his complete ten-piece collection put him above the rest of the competitors. Eventually, he was crowned the winner and awarded $1 million in cash and a mentorship opportunity with Amazon Fashion.

Yannik Zamboni is Focusing on His Career

Interestingly, Yannik has always wanted his fashion brand to be his mouthpiece, so many of his designs are based solely on global issues. Besides, he believes that sustainability is based on four important pillars- ethical, socio-political, ecological, and economic. On the other hand, Yannik has significantly been influenced and inspired by the daily problems the LGBTQ+ community faces. Having experienced such issues himself, the Swiss designer wanted to base some of his creations on that.

Such forward thinking made Yannik’s popularity skyrocket, and currently, he is based in Zurich, Switzerland, from where he runs his fashion brand, Maison Blanche. Surprisingly, he mentioned that he did not like the limelight and had no intention of appearing on television but was forced due to the lack of funds.

With Yannik having won a million dollars on the show, we can safely assume that we will get to witness more of his incredible designs. Furthermore, while we believe that Yannik is currently single, he seems wholly engrossed in taking his career to the next level, and for that, we wish him the best.

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