Where is Masha Diduk Now?

Netflix’s ‘Tiger King’ has given the world no shortage of topics to discuss over its two seasons. Yet, the one aspect everyone keeps returning to is Jeff and Lauren Lowe’s open marriage, along with their behavior towards other women. While that revolved around their desire to hire a hot nanny after the birth of their first child in season 1, it changed to how they “lured” zoo visitors into their bed in season 2. Between this period, a follow-up episode revealed that they did select a nanny they were pleased with, Masha Diduk. So, here’s what we know about her.

Who is Masha Diduk?

Masha Diduk is a model and influencer who reportedly met Jeff and Lauren Lowe in Las Vegas well before being hired as a part-time nanny for their daughter in September 2019. As you may recall, the initial season of the docuseries touched upon how the couple often traveled to Sin City with tiger cubs in suitcases for benefits, and that’s where they first came across the model four years prior. The progression from that to a babysitter thus seemed strange, sparking rumors that she was hired just for publicity despite never appearing on the show in person.

Image Credit: Tiger King, Instagram

Masha has since denied these claims, asserting that her job with the Lowes was genuine, albeit part-time. Coming to her opinions on ‘Tiger King’ and being surrounded by animals for work, she said she enjoyed both, but the production “twisted” some aspects to imply that Jeff could’ve hurt the creatures. Masha believed that her boss could never do such a thing and that she would not work for him if he did. Confident in her statements, profession, and mention in the Netflix original, Masha gained even more notoriety than she had as an influencer before.

Where is Masha Diduk Now?

Following the release of ‘Tiger King,’ Masha Diduk briefly appeared in an episode of David Spade’s ‘Lights Out’ and expanded her wings in the entertainment industry. She resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, and seems to be affiliated with Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand, Hoo.be social media platform, and IntrigueMe entertainment website. In other words, she’s a model and influencer through and through, appreciating every opportunity that comes her way. That much is evident from her Instagram feed and the content she shares through her stories.

Considering their recent legal troubles and her hustle in Nevada, it’s unclear whether Masha still works for the Lowes or not, yet there seems to be no regret or animosity between them. She looks utterly content with her life right now while traveling and having fun.

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