Mike: Intervention Cast Member’s Ongoing Struggle with Addiction

Rendered helpless by the all-encompassing power of addiction, ‘Intervention’ chronicles the journey of several individuals who struggle to leave behind issues of alcoholism and substance abuse. The A&E reality television show features subjects whose lives have been laced by the incongruity of health and addiction. In such a condition, family and friends decided to lend their loved ones the support they needed to take the right course of action.

As close ones intervene and help the addicts to change their path, several intense themes follow. Released in 2021, the 22nd iteration of the reality series features Mike, an ambitious young man who fails to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Since his appearance on the show, fans have been curious to know the latest updates.

Mike’s Intervention Journey

With an incandescent childhood, Mike grew up with the love of his mother and grandparents. However, that didn’t mean his adolescence was blissful. Growing up with a single parent meant that Mike’s mother would take extra shifts to sustain the family. During her night shifts, Mike would often invite his friends and smoke weed, which eventually changed to cocaine and ecstasy. By 15, he started selling drugs to fulfil his addiction. Two years later, he became a father and decided to change himself to ensure their proper upbringing. Eventually, he got a job in construction.

Despite leaving behind a life of addiction, the worse followed quite soon. In one such instance, an unfortunate incident at a construction site severed the tendons in his knee, leading to surgery and prescription of oxycodone. It wasn’t long before the prescriptive pain medication turned into an addiction. Consequently, his girlfriend separated their daughters from him, which led Mike to spiral out of control. From there on, he went on to use heroin and even started selling drugs. Eventually, the cycle of drug abuse and dealing led to an arrest. After spending nine months in jail, Mike received treatment and eventually met Collette.

However, it wasn’t long before he relapsed and decided to use fentanyl instead of heroin. Despite hoping to support his girlfriend, Collete, throughout her pregnancy, Michael’s addiction drained him entirely. To supplement his addiction, the 29-year-old would steal and shoplift. Consequently, he could not support himself and started relying heavily on his family members and girlfriend. Having overdosed over 19 times in three years, he found no alternative to substance abuse and faced the bottom of the abyss. Subsequently, his family and girlfriend decided to get him on the right path by intervening.

Where is Mike Now?

Hoping to unravel the clutches of addiction, Mike had decided to enroll in a treatment recovery centre. However, within hours of heading into Thorpe Recovery Centre, the television personality started facing withdrawals. After spending merely 24 hours in the rehabilitation centre, Mike relapsed and decided to leave. Following his appearance on the show, Collette decided to cut off all communication with Mike and decided to proceed alone in her pregnancy. However, this was not well received by him. When Collette refused to let Mike inside her house, the latter broke into her apartment by force. He was then charged with breaking and entering. Subsequently, he was incarcerated and spent a month in prison.

After his release, he was put into the care of Back On Track Recovery in Surrey. Momentarily, he managed to regain his purpose and even managed to fix his relationship with Collette and their newborn. The worst followed again, and he managed to relapse once again. Since then, Mike has continued to live a life harbored by drugs and addiction. He has also been living out in the streets or homeless encampments. No further news or updates have been provided by the members of the family or Collette. Nevertheless, we continue to hope that the television personality manages to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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